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Author: Subject: Introducing me

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[*] posted on 2-11-2022 at 04:04
Introducing me

Hi there!

I'm Beroe, after using the forum as a source of information for a while I decided to pop in and say hi. I'm still learning, haven't studied chem in school so still a long way to go. I'm mainly interested in organic chem, I really like alkaloids. This is because my other big interest is plants. I also grow a bunch of hot peppers, make crosses etc.

Up until now I've done some basic stuff: I extracted piperine from black pepper, made some copper compounds. I'm planning to make copper acetylsalicylate in the near future. Tried some stuff with capsaicin. But I'm in EU so I guess you all are aware of how annoying it is here to have this hobby. Just taking it slow for now, trying to take in as much info as possible.

Hope to learn so much more on here. Thanks for existing!
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[*] posted on 2-11-2022 at 04:49

Stick around. Have fun.
So much to learn and so many generous and knowledgable people here. Compared to some, I really feel lkke a newbie. This place runs deep.
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[*] posted on 2-11-2022 at 12:50
Welcome !

I think that you'll find this site to be a great source of information on many topics,
especially Chemistry ! Again, Welcome!

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[*] posted on 2-11-2022 at 17:39

Welcome, Beroe!
I was also a lurker here for quite some time.
To be honest, I remember visiting SM since 2007 or before, but only about two years ago I decided to join. Since you said you didn't study chemistry in school, check out the Science Madness library! There's a lot to download there, from theoretical books that can teach you the fundamentals of chemistry to collections with basic and advanced experiments. I confess that I find organic chemistry intriguing, but most of the time it seems to be a language I can't understand.

P.S.: I'm a "pepper enthusiast" too. I haven't tried doing any chemistry with them yet, but I love growing and eating them.

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[*] posted on 3-11-2022 at 12:46

Very nice Beroe! Good to see you here.
You have two members of sciencemadness very close to you, I myself, and teodor.

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[*] posted on 4-11-2022 at 07:46

Welcome from another Dutch member. Not as close to you as Woelen or Teodor, but seen in the context of the distribution of SM members across the planet, still very close.

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[*] posted on 4-11-2022 at 08:54

Truly is remarkable how many people there are from The Netherlands here. Is it a coincidence, or is there something about the country that makes people want to do chemistry? :D

Come check out the Official Sciencemadness Wiki
They're not really active right now, but here's my YouTube channel and my blog.
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