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Author: Subject: New member, Båtsmans introduction and getting glassware.
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[*] posted on 8-7-2013 at 15:40

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to advertise Laboy nor am I under the employ of them.

that being out of the way I own a substantial amount of glass from them. From their jointed thermometers( peaches thread on them is an accurate summation ) to their flasks adapters and their condensers ( , a good thread on condensers . This glass does have it's quirks like any brand. Typically it is heavy walled glass and at times a bit chunky. But it is not by any means crap glass. They don't make everything and at times you will need US made parts to finish a reaction. Their largest flask size is two liters but they do respond to emails. I own their 3 prong clamp and their bossheads. both are not West German precision but they will work and are serviceable. Be warned though the joint sizes they use are US tapers( 10/18, 10/30, 14/20, 24/40, 29/42,34/45, 45/50, 55/50); at one time they may have made glass with European joints but I don't know. PM me if you'd like me to email you their old & new catalogs or have questions.
Overall don't be afraid to order from them but know exactly what you are ordering and think ahead; extras are always a nice idea.

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[*] posted on 9-7-2013 at 02:12

that title typo tells me something about how restrictive the country you live in really is
please try not to go around and talk about it in public, before you know it you will have some at the door that wants to have a chat
if im not mistaken your country is very chemophobic!!

you could try ''Soxhlet Extraction Capsaicin out of hot peppers!''
(yes this is title of a video on youtube, if you want to see it you can search for it straight away)
another thing that seems very easy and gets you a pretty useful chemical would be this ''Chloroform tutorial-Synthesis from Bleach&Acetone!''

for reagents i suppose you want to buy out of border as the country i suspect you to be in has high prices and well if you take the small packs of reagents commercially available that would be a completely INSANE price per kg
ebay and amazon, plus try to shop alot of things at once so shipping wouldnt be too big part of the whole thing

~25 drops = 1mL @dH2O viscocity - STP
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