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Author: Subject: Vanilin+K2CO3
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[*] posted on 5-7-2013 at 09:16

Do you think that it is possible that vanilin could react in the following way?

Vanilin+K2CO3 --> VanilinK + KHCO3

opposed to

2 Vanilin + K2CO3 --> 2 VanilinK + CO2 + H2O

I did an experiment, I dissolved vanillin (0,5g 3mmol) in 1ml of warm methanol and added 0,4g K2CO3 (3mmol) and heated to a reflux for a minute. A yellowish solution was then transfered to evaporating dish and a white solid which remained in the test tube was washed with another 1ml of methanol. Methanol was evaporated and about 0,5ml of water was added which resulted in a clear yellow solution. Then a few drops of conc. HCl was aded which precipitated vanilin.

Based on this stochiometry I think that the reaction proceeded via the first stochiometry however strange that may be. Do you think that it is possible and would more acidic phenols reacts in the same way?
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[*] posted on 5-7-2013 at 13:40

Number one, please include a reference or post this in "Beginnings".

Number two, I am not sure how soluble potassium carbonate is in methanol.

Also, how can you prove that the second proposed reaction didn't happen? Did you collect the gas from reflux and test if it was CO2?

You could also try searching for the answer if you don't want to prove your proposed reaction with experimental data.

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