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Author: Subject: Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
S.C. Wack

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[*] posted on 25-8-2021 at 13:46

It's a Gooch crucible, and as with cheap Buchners, the Coors version has smaller, nicer holes.

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National Hazard

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[*] posted on 17-9-2021 at 07:00


I guess those glass tubes could be older drying tubes, to be filled with drying media and dry air or gas or protecting a reaction from moisture.
Or maybe some small chromatography columns for separating compounds with silica.

Somebody else know what KonduktorĀ“s tubes could be?
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International Hazard

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[*] posted on 20-9-2021 at 18:23

Quote: Originally posted by SWIM  
Quote: Originally posted by Sulaiman  
I don't know what it is but I want one!

I think that it is a part of this apparatus

Well I'd buy one as long as it makes that sound.

wait till you you hear it in active operation :o

We have a couple of pieces like this at work, where there is a sort of drain at the bottom of the container (a barbed hose adaptor for the erlenmeyer flask; a ground glass taper on the other bottle). Not sure, maybe they're tissue culture equipment?

what_is_this_glassware2.jpg - 139kB

Picked this up at the really free market, rather baffled. a decanter that you can add ice to without watering down your wine? A decoration? what???

what_is_this_glassware.jpg - 96kB

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International Hazard

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[*] posted on 23-9-2021 at 18:35

I have seen the flasks with two inlet/outlets used as vacuum traps for aspirators, you hook the bottom one to the aspirator, and then the top one to the vacuum line to your experiment, then if water gets in the trap, it is sucked out later and does not get into the lines. But I am sure thet can be used for other uses as well.
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International Hazard

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[*] posted on 10-10-2021 at 09:20

Hi guys, I've bought a bulk of glass and one piece which I saw only on a picture mixed with other glass together looked like a condenser, but when I received it and was able to saw it finally it looked like an apparatus for a gas reaction. But the one part is filled with long glass tubes so when thinking further I had an idea that gasses mix well and these tubes are there probably for some liquid so maybe the apparatus is for performing liquid-gas reaction and the tubes just increase the surface of the reaction?
Do you have any suggestion for any reaction which I could perform in the apparatus? I have never did any gas-gas reaction (burning gases in air does not count) and only few times gas-liquid reaction (like addition of hydrogen chloride gas to alfa pinene and absorption of ammonia gas in ethanol using a washing bottle with a sinter on the end of bubbling tube to make smaller bubbles and increase the reaction surface).
Or is it for a gas-gas reaction which produces some liquid?
If feeding the gas through the stopcock I assume the apparatus is positioned like shown in the attached pictures, when feeding through the open joint I assume using some PTFE stopper with a hole through which a gas is fed into the apparatus and the position of the apparatus has to be swapped upside-down?
There are also 2 choices how to feed the gas, under pressure (I suppose) or using sucking through the second opening (less probable)?

IMG_20211010_183908_9_sm.jpg - 32kB IMG_20211010_183925_3_sm.jpg - 29kB

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