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Author: Subject: Nitrocellulose grain!
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[*] posted on 16-1-2005 at 11:51
Nitrocellulose grain!

How can I make a grain of Nitrocellulose (gun cotton) to using it for my Gun!?
I tried with aceton to dissolve it but I faced many problem:(

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[*] posted on 17-1-2005 at 00:04

Although I would recommend AGAINST the use of home-made NC in your gun, you should first get as much as possible info on the composition of the gunpowder you normaly use. Is it a handgun (like 9mm?) or is it a long-barrel rifle?

This is a hell of a difference, as gunpowder for a rifle needs to be 'slow', and for a handgun it is normally fast.

To get the grains, I would take tisseus, separate the individual layers, wet them, and dry them in the oven at 120°C for 10 minutes. Then try to cut them in very smal pieces with a scalpel or another very sharp knife. This will give you very small pieces, although it will take you a lot of time. Another option would be to purchase pure cellulose, in powderform. This would allow you to nitrate the powder, and get a powder NC.

Again, using this in a gun you hold in your hands is just plain stupid, as you don't know what kind of 'burnrate-slowers' they put in commercial gunpowder.
Note also that they sometimes add a few % of NG to the gunpowder.
Be aware that putting LESS then the minimal charge in a gun also can cause blow-ups, I've read a lot of articlaes about blown up revolvers caused by putting too less gunpowder in a carefull....

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shocked.gif posted on 17-1-2005 at 00:46
no way

if you start packing raw NC into your gun your asking for a muzzle breach--- its pure suicide! Your gun is already under enormous pressure-- putting a raw product into a gun without knowing its pressure volume could cause a detonation! Pls be careful!
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[*] posted on 17-1-2005 at 12:25

1) This is practical pyrotechnics/HE --> Not allowed.
2) There are enough topics about nitrocellulose --> SEARCH before you post.


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