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Author: Subject: Pyrotechnic Stoichiometry Calculator
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[*] posted on 27-1-2006 at 12:50
Pyrotechnic Stoichiometry Calculator

I've written a website that calculates the stoichiometric ratio for a selected combination of fuel and oxidiser:

Please inform me of any bugs or major ommisions.

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[*] posted on 27-1-2006 at 13:20

I believe you will need xKMnO4 --> xK2O + xMn + xO
For metals like aluminum/magnesium?
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[*] posted on 29-1-2006 at 07:34

The reaction equation is almost unpredictable when oxidizers like KMnO4 ot NH4ClO4 are presented, along with reductors like sulphur, selenium, Ti... even Al powder.

For example:
KMnO4 + S = SO2 + MnxOy + K2SO4 +.......

NH4ClO4 + Al = Al2O3 + HCl + AlCl3 + H_AlCl4 + H2O +.....


KClO4 + Mg = KCl + MgCl2 + K2O + MgO ........

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[*] posted on 13-2-2006 at 18:17

Very nice, I am a fish.

I tested it, no bugs found this far.

As someone interested in the art of thermites, I suppose it wouldnt be too much an effort to add a variety of other metal oxides? Or even chlorides, and sulphates?

I.e. SiO2, Cr2O3, CrO3, V2O5, PbO, PbSO4, BaSO4, MgSO4 etc etc.

A fair bit of additional work but it gives some nice ideas if all those are present. Plus it saves me calculation time next time I attempt one...

Also, it might be interesting to add options such as <+ 20% sulphur, or + 20% glucose, or + 20 % C (where the percentage is adjustable)> - which is i.e. needed to generate the heat necessary for a Si thermite. Plus, it'd be interesting to see how perfectly balanced oxidiser-fuel systems work for black powder, for example. More work though, I suppose.

What do you think?

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