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Author: Subject: Many chemicals will be forbidden in the USA???
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[*] posted on 7-3-2006 at 17:33

Originally posted by Chris The Great
The problem isn't LE in my opinion, it is the way they've been set up to work over the years by the government. Most LE think they really are helping society, not that they are crushing people in a police state. Which, in some ways is true. IRC's points about guns are very true. It isn't any one part of the system, the entire system is the problem. The cop catches the criminal and sends them to a corrupt and useless justice system. The corrupt Justice system carries out unjust laws against the people. And behind it all, the government slowly gains more and more absolute power over the population which becomes more and more zombielike by the day.

Until one day, you wake up, finally, and realize the only thing left in your life is a dull routine of a boring job and watching MTV, because you never stood up when you had a chance of actually doing something and just stood around talking. Then, the thought police knock down your door for thinking thoughts inappropriate to a citizen of the USA/UK/Australia and you spend the rest of your life in prison awaiting a trial that will never come.

So, you going to do something with those guns to make sure that the charges from using them is insignificant to the charges of what you used them for? I may seem like a nut case but what else is there left to do? You can't protest your way out of something like this, already in the UK the police can detain any group they think will become violent, which coincidentally would be your protest against certain laws. You can't protest from within jail. I'm sure other countries will soon follow their lead.
I think a "personal talk" with congress about repealing certain laws and federal organizations would yield a lot more tangible results than walking through Washington DC with some signs and slogans just to get arrested for "potential to incite violence" and have the media make it out like you are the evil guys so that the sheeple will accept more of the police state. If the media make you out to be the bad guys after your talk with congress, it won't matter since the laws still got changed (and you can have another "talk" with congress if they try changing them back).

(all hypothetical talk Mr. Gov. Agents, as usual)

Excellent opinion. In addition we have to look at the mechanics behind this as well. I can't tell you how many forums I have been on that some righteous, all-knowing, chemistry professor starts to attack the posters for attempting chemical reactions at home.

His interest in your safety is second to his interest in protecting his paycheck and feeling superior. He wouldn't think twice about condemning a hobby chemist in an effort to legitmize his position in society and bolster his ego.

But I stand by my opinion that we have no-one to blame but ourselves. Either we stop asking the government to protect us or they will.

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[*] posted on 7-3-2006 at 19:04

Originally posted by Swany

Teacher: Now, some things react so fast you cant even control them, oxidisers are like this, they have oxygen to give and they are very explosive and dangerous, if you ordered some of this, you would get a knock on your door cause they'd think you were a terrorist.

Sounds suspiciously like what a proff of mine once said....;)
He was ok in other regards though, but I should see what his reaction is if I tell him I've made chlorates before.:P


In closing, in the past 3 years I have had 3 science teachers. 2 of them dont like me, the other thinks I am a very interesting person. Incidentally, the one who liked me had be before my chemistry addiction. The one I had the KClO3 discussion with is the head science person over here, so I have friends in relitively high places. Too bad we have so many retards....

Teachers don't like people who know more then them,

I was lucky in school, my teachers, at least in high school, knew my hobby and were fine with it and just thought me weird, I could go to them for extra help on my projects.
"hey mrs. ________ looky what I made"
"is that...sodium?"
"where on earth did you get that?"
"made it, molten electrolysis of NaOH"
"...*starts laughing*...just don't kill yourself"

With all this legislation coming in these days alot of chems are being thrown out of labs, my high school lab tech knows me and was unwilling to ever give me the stuff they had to dispose of for liability reasons, but now that I am no longer there but still stop by to say hi once and a while....;)..I should try again...

I miss my high school 'infamy' (to quote one teacher)...

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[*] posted on 7-3-2006 at 20:23

So tell me just exactly why guns are so important.

I'm not arguing that point, but while i'm talking about it, I said in life or death situations. Getting a beating is one thing. Getting killed is another. I would take a long sentence rather than be shot in the head... maybe.
I never said courts were fair. The justice system is complete shit. Another example is going to prison for a personal stash of weed.

Soon the only amateur scientists left will all be living on their own island far far away.

Yep. It's called Alcatraz.
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[*] posted on 7-3-2006 at 22:25

I don't think they would re-open Alcatraz just for us....

Guantanamo Bay?


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[*] posted on 8-3-2006 at 13:50

I checked my local sate laws on fireworks manufacture. In short a person may not make
fireworks unless done so in a licensed plant. The penalty for doing so is a misdemeanor -
punishable by $1000 fine and/or 1 year in jail. It's the same for selling fireworks without
a permit. The harshest penalty is also a midsmeanor - $2000 fine and/or 2 years
in jail. That's for manufacturing fireworks after having been denied a license to do so.
Some unlicensed 'vendors' were caught selling firecrackers just before the 4th of July last
year. Some were even repeat offenders. From what I read none of them served any jail
time. Basically it was a fine and get the hell out of my courtroom type deal. Mostly, they're
considered to be nuisances and I count myself among them.

They have strict regulations on what can be manufactured in a licensed plant.
This is what cannot be made:

1) 1.3 G fireworks other than rockets and Roman candles.
2) Fireworks commonly known as "flash and sound".
3) Products utilizing potassium chlorate or explosives.

Penalty is the same as for manufacturing without a license.

Get into things like M-80s, ashcans, blockbusters, etc, and this state can impose a longer
prison sentence than the feds do for violating the "bulk salutes" explosives statute.

It's all crazy of course, but until the laws are changed, that's what we live with because of
the nannies who run our governments.

From opening of NCIS New Orleans - It goes a BOOM ! BOOM ! BOOM ! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !
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[*] posted on 8-3-2006 at 14:17

Funny, my professor was talking about piranha fluid the other day and mentioned it's excellent glass cleaning abilities.
He did warn us not to use acetone with it, because that would make acetonperoxide, which is "kinda explosive", as he put it.
Then he continued by casually saying it was the cheapest and easiest explosive to manufacture. :D
He didn't seem bothered about giving us any ideas and nobody objected.

But I guess the climate here in Belgium is quite different.
Our Intelligence Agency manages to loose track of a turkish terrorist with 16 agents and four cars on the watch, so that might have something to do with it. ;)

BTW folks, I don't want any talk about vigilante stuff in here. Let's not attract unnecessary attention and give the scaremongerers the rope to hang us with.

One shouldn't accept or resort to the mutilation of science to appease the mentally impaired.
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