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Author: Subject: Your opinion about open chemistry forums?
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 09:47
Your opinion about open chemistry forums?

I wonder whether it's a clever idea to show your knowledge in any open forum. If crazy people (like ISIS) read this content and they read that useful content is posted by very clever people here, then these members are a target for ISIS.

ISIS have nothing to do with Islam, the money comes from multinationals that deliver weapons, technology, opium trading and so these brainwashed individuals can read this.

What's your opinion about these open forums in a easy to understand language in times where ISIS is very active?

I can confirm that decapitations and other brutal actions from ISIS are quite dangerous and the real muslims really hate them, they destroy their religion and these things aren't descriped in the Quran.

"Keep sportive it's like Soccer: play on the ball, not on the players"
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 09:56

Chemistry is a science.
The knowledge is out there.
Groups like ISIS have their own literature that
is literally spoon feeding how to make bombs, etc.
We don't spoon feed here.
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 11:00

You aren't the only one considering this question.

It's each one's personal decision as to how much to put out there for everyone else to see. One can become a target of a business, foreign governments, terrorists, or even one's country's own law enforcement in certain situations.

The vast majority of what gets posted here is referenced from readily available internet sources. For this reason, little gets posted here that can't be found elsewhere already. At the same time, there remains a distinction between theory and practice. In the real world, the effectiveness of terrorism is limited by the skills and funding of the people who want to do us harm. Sure, the information on how to do that is already technically available online. At the same time, posting certain things in an easy-to-follow format saves these people time, and may provide that last boost that a terrorist needs to go fully operational, evade detection, or do things more cheaply.

I glossed through the "Inspire" magazine that was being referred to in the latest Schumer news articles. After wading through all the crap propaganda, I found the specific bomb-making articles that were being referred to. I am convinced that macckone is right. They are so focused on their particular flavor of Islam that they have no time to actually learn chemistry. They require spoon-feeding to be able to do anything.

At the same time, it's best not to underestimate these people, especially since this is an open forum. It's everyone's job to be responsible about what one posts.
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 12:09

I agree with WGTR. I would be strongly opposed to something as rash as shutting down the forum or censoring the internet, if that is part of the question.

ISIS doesn't seem to need much actual institutional chemistry literacy with the glut of explosives they have available. I can't find the article, but someone in the Syrian conflict who was a former computer engineer ended up repurposing various explosives in a makeshift factory (former school). Plenty of photos of rockets being re-armed, stuck on technicals. These people have decent machining skills and ingenuity, having made makeshift recoilless rifles, and some robotics.

I am sure there are those among them that could make bombs or even some chemical weapons without the use of internet forums. As has been said, the information is out there, and there is no stopping the dedicated, intelligent actor from producing drugs, bombs, toxicants, etc.

However... I certainly would be careful about knowingly or negligently handing said people information as there is absolutely no reason to make anything easier for their lowest common denominator, or logistics. We all know chemistry is not something most people seem capable of doing for whatever reason, and the ease of alternatives (shootings, knife attacks, hit and run vehicles) already espoused by ISIS have a much lower barrier of entry for such people.
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 14:30

What's the fucking problem with Sharia law anyways?

The west has no problem with strict Sharia law.

Libya was one of the best north african (hand no sharia law btw) countries to live in, now it's a shit hole due to the western "help" it received. It goes on and on and on.
If the west (mainly america) where to start really cutting support and funding to ISIS and opposing those who support and fund them, then they would have to start applying sanctions to countries whose arses they enjoy licking, have been licking for the last 70 years or so and will go on licking for the next 100 (FFS)
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 16:09

I fail to connect why ISIS would dislike someone because of his/her chemical knowledge.
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[*] posted on 3-2-2015 at 16:11

The focus of the question should be (I believe) the INTERNET, and not really an individual forum. As already stated the NET has everything you need to know to destroy the planet. Either in one big shot (ie: hacking the world) or in small phases (ie terror attacks).

It's a valid question!

My personal opinion, The box has been opened. The information is available, and for good or bad WE did it. Now I also believe this box can be closed again but should it be.

Using myself as an example... I studied enough mechanical engineering, principles of distillation, distillation column design, and physics to develop a column that has been attempted for near 100 years but never realized. My design has been run thru K&G software to verify the efficiency, and design, Every step in the process took place on the internet over a two year period.

I'll get off that soap box, and state that I have more goals in my education. I intend to understand fields that interest me, and apply what I learn into something useful. I run two businesses, and have no time to drive, sit, drive back, ie: school. BUT I can sit, and read/watch/interact as the time I do have allows.
I may be in the minority of internet users or I may be in the majority. I don't know. The people that use it for nefarious agendas??? Well they are going to exist no matter what you do.

It's a fair, and valid question you raise Java. The bottom line is none of us have control over what an ill willed mind can or will do.

Close the net? Maybe.
Will more good than harm result if it remains? Maybe.
Will it have an effect on human development? Yes. It already has.

Nice topic Java...:)

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