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Author: Subject: Ice jacket for condenser
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[*] posted on 8-9-2006 at 01:04
Ice jacket for condenser

Ok, so I thought of this remarkable invention today, only to realize that someone had beat me to the punch. My question is, where can I go about obtaining ice jackets for my condensers. Even better, where could I find OTC ice packs of the right shape to fit the bill?

I thought that this idea might merit some discussion, as it may not be new to others here, but it's sure new to me.
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[*] posted on 8-9-2006 at 06:51

What type of condenser is it ? If the condenser has its own jacket you could run ice water
through it using an aquarium pump. I've seen "blue-ice" packs sold in strips that could
be wrapped around the condenser if needed.

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[*] posted on 8-9-2006 at 13:16

Man I'd just skip the ice jacket on the condensor... too messy.

For those extra tough condensing jobs, I just my mega 400mm double surface coil condensor I got offa ebay for like $70.

For cooling I use a $20 12 volt bait aerator I got at walmart as a pump (the one with the 1/2" pvc pipe going up to the spray cap... its essentially a submersible 360GPH bilge pump). I just took off the aerator cap and stuck on a PVC to FPT fitting on top and screwed a nylon hose barb on it... no glue needed. Works great and when your not using it in your lab it keeps yer minners nice and lively. An old cooler with a broken handle works great for an ice water resevoir.

Last few times I just went out and bought like 4 bags of ice to do a run lasting 3-4 hours, but eventually I plan on cleaning out a shelf in my deep freeze dedicated to making and storing ice blocks.
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[*] posted on 9-9-2006 at 09:51

I had been thinking of using an small cube fridge. Put a 5 gallon jug of water with above pump installed, run a bulkhead fitting through the side of the fridge, and it seems you'd be able to run all nite and day condensing whatever.
Of course I dont know the ability of water to absorb heat, the rate the fridge would cool, or if it'd be enough to cool it permanently.

I have the old fridge so its not like it'll cost me anything but I havent done it as I dont want to run a hole through it, only to find out it was a good idea badly executed, ya know? And then be stuck with a holy fridge.
Any aquatic thermodynamic experts out there?

edit: I guess this could be a "rich"poor man's chiller?

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