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Author: Subject: Skin cells to Induced Stem Cells
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[*] posted on 7-9-2017 at 08:12
Skin cells to Induced Stem Cells

Skin cells to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

First you need to harvest some cells from the organism that you would like to generate stem cells for, in this case will you use Fibroblasts, which are the living cells in the Dermis.

basic-anatomy-of-the-skin-epidermis-dermis-stratum-corneum-fibroblasts.jpg - 170kB

Next, we need to generate a Viral Vector with the Genes Sox 2,Klf4, Oct4, and C-Myc in the packaging part of the vector the DNA is again made via Viral Gene Synthesis. Remember to put a LTR 3' and 5' around the set of genes LTR3'- Sox2 - Klf4 - Oct4 - C-Myc - LTR5' .
These are the reprogramming factors that will transform this skin cell into a Stem cell, which need to be inserted into the skin cell.

IPSC_generation.gif - 20kB

We need to next make a Vector in the same structure that was presented in Biochemical Construction of Vector.
This time we are going use this on Human skin cells to make Human Stem Cells. So, we need to use the HIV Virus as a Vector's base. The process is the same just this time the Transfer Plasmid will contain the factors that transform Skin into Stem cells.

Next you harvest the Viral Vector particles containing the reprogramming factors into a test tube then pour the Viral Vector Particles onto the Fibroblasts, this will insert the four reprogramming factors into the Skin cell's genome transforming them into pluripotent stem cells.

ips-cells.jpg - 197kB

Next continuing to insert genes into the pluripotent stem cells you can now transform them into any type of cell or insert them into a damaged area and they will naturally transform into the tissue that is missing.
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