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Author: Subject: GBL-Water Azeotrpic Distillation For Use In GHB Reaction

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[*] posted on 1-11-2017 at 13:40
GBL-Water Azeotrpic Distillation For Use In GHB Reaction

So I have been running a certain reaction found in a Rhodium mirror with slight modifications, not really following to a T, more like using it as a guideline. It was made by Chromic and tells of reacting GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), sodium NITRITE, and HCl (aq) to make GBL. I have not been really paying too much attention to the exact ratios, even though I know I should, basically I have been winging it. As of late I have used 110g of GABA, 75g of SN, and ~125mL HCl aq ~36%. I also, like a dumb ass, accidentally inhaled some of the nitrogen containing gasses produced by this rxn after forgetting to close my addition funnel when adding HCl. No pneumonia gladly so I don't think I inhaled too much NO2. Anyways, I have been azeotropically distilling water and GBL, reacting said GBL with sodium bicarbonate (to make SaGHB), at a low boil for ~30 minutes, adding 10% volume of activated charcoal, boil again for ~30 minutes, and let cool. The GHB made here was enjoyed responsibly. The thing I am wondering about is, how much GBL comes over with the water upon distillation? I got ~220mL of distillate and followed the process described above. The amount of sodium bicarbonate I have used has been rather liberal as I just add until the solution has a pH of around 7 or 8. The solution after this process tastes salty indicating the presence of SaGHB. I am looking for spots where I can improve the method I have been using and all input is appreciated. Except for anyone calling me stupid for consuming product. That is unless you can tell me what I may be consuming aside from SaGHB and water. I forget what the rule about links are on sciencemadness so I won't put the link here, but a search for "GABA to GHB" in a search engine should lead you right there. Also, I don't have access to the best quality equipment and am currently under the age of sixteen so I can't drive anywhere for reagents or equipment. Thanks for any feedback!
(Thanks Chromic for everything you've done)
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[*] posted on 1-11-2017 at 13:45

Discussion of recreational drug use is not allowed on this forum.

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