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Author: Subject: PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE isomers

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[*] posted on 30-11-2017 at 13:00

Hello all, first post:

If one was to extract phenylpropanolamine from Pronin dog medication will this be of all isomers?
(D-Norephedrine, L-Norephedrine, D-Pseudonorephedrine,

Norephedrine is refluxed with potassium cyanate and water, then refluxed again with 2M HCL. This forms methylaminorex if I am not mistaken.

What isomer of Norephedrine will produce pure 4-mar?
And if both DL are present will this make racemic 4-mar?
If it is racemic is it like methamphetamine where it is essentially halved strength due to one isomer being practically inactive?
Or are both Norephedrine isomers active in the same manner?
Lastly if the Pseudonorephedrine isomers are present will this decrease yield or will it react in the same way to produce 4-methylaminorex.

Thanks in advance for advancing my purely educational knowledge.

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[*] posted on 30-11-2017 at 13:16

Read the FAQ.

Board Topics- Mad Science FAQ


It is okay to be ignorant when first arriving and posting. However, you must be willing to make an effort to learn. If you are unable to cite references in support of an idea or as background to your question, the post belongs in Beginnings. Questions that provide background information and show effort are more likely to receive good responses.

If an existing thread covers the topic you're about to post about, post in that thread instead of a new one. It makes it easier for members to keep up with topics of interest. You may need to search before posting if you're unsure whether or not a thread already exists. The search engine is not very powerful and may miss relevant threads, but please make at least a cursory effort.

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Certain topics are unwelcome no matter what section they are posted in. The discussion of criminal enterprises or weapons production is inappropriate.

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