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Author: Subject: 99% Hbr Gas generation from Hbr Aqueous

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[*] posted on 11-1-2018 at 23:03
99% Hbr Gas generation from Hbr Aqueous

--> Hbr gas generate without using pressure swing distillation and H2 + Br2 process.
--> HBr gas can be generated from 47.6% Hbr acid.
-->Starting process are known already but, the important part is how to remove Br2, H2O, SO2 gases from HBr.
--> This four gases can be passed through the drying agent like silica gel or CaCO3 etc.
Note: Do not pass the gases from molecular sieve because HBr is highly acidic.
--> Br2 gas can be removed from passes the gas from phenol.
--> SO2 can be removed by NaOH solution.
--> This process possible in continuous operation.

further more information about process kindly contact me by E-mail.
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[*] posted on 12-1-2018 at 16:11

Are you asking a question about how to make dry HBr gas?
The way you design you post makes it difficult to discern your question.

So i will assume this is pertaining to making dry HBr gas.
This topic has been talked about before on SM.
probably a good idea to read through that thread.

I think the best idea for doing so from aqueous aziotropic HBr is by desiccating it with pyrophosphoric acid, i think a set up consisting of a PE addition funnel filled with the aq HBr and a 2 neck RB flask filled with the pyrophosphoric acid and fitted with a drying tube filled with calcium bromide would be ideal.
This would allow you a lot of control and if the calcium bromide started to turn slushy then the addition could be suspended while the drying tube is changed.

Alternatively, you could use the same glassware set up but instead place DH2O in the addition funnel and PBr3 in the RB flask.

You will not be able to use CaCl2 in the drying tube however as substitution would take place.

Also please don't post your email in threads, nobody is gonna email you and its better that all discussion remain open to everyone.
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