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Author: Subject: More Phosphorus for Sale
International Hazard

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[*] posted on 20-4-2018 at 21:09
More Phosphorus for Sale

50 grams of 98.8% pure red phosphorus dried and ready to ship:

10 grams of the same purity red phosphorus dried and ready to ship:

I will be deleting this post in a few days so it does not clutter the forum. I will take it that no one is interested. Thank you

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Within cells interlinked
Within cells interlinked
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[*] posted on 20-4-2018 at 22:54

Class 1 precursor in USA since 2001. No quantity exemption.

Here are quotes of the relevant parts of DEA rule as published in the federal register.



This rulemaking finalizes a September 25, 2000 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (65 FR 57577) in which DEA proposed the addition of red phosphorus, white phosphorus (also known as yellow phosphorus) and hypophosphorous acid (and its salts) as List I chemicals. This action is being taken because of the use and importance of these chemicals in the illicit manufacture of methamphetamine (a Schedule II controlled substance).

As List I chemicals, handlers of these materials will be subject to CSA chemical regulatory controls including registration, recordkeeping, reporting, and import/export requirements. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has determined that these controls are necessary to prevent the diversion of these chemicals to clandestine drug laboratories.

Given the small quantities of these chemicals necessary for the production of methamphetamine, no threshold is being established for domestic and international transactions. As such, all transactions (regardless of size) shall be considered regulated transactions, subject to recordkeeping, reporting and/or import/export notification requirements.


What Regulatory Controls Will Apply to These Chemicals?

As List I chemicals, red phosphorus, white phosphorus, and hypophosphorous acid and its salts will be subject to the chemical regulatory control provisions and civil and criminal sanctions of the CSA. As such, recordkeeping, reporting and import/export notification requirements (as described in 21 CFR parts 1310 and 1313) shall apply. Manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters of white phosphorus, red phosphorus and hypophosphorous acid (and its salts) will be required to register with DEA pursuant to the provisions of 21 CFR part 1309.

Handlers of these chemicals will also be required to maintain records and meet CSA import/export notification requirements for “regulated transactions” of these chemicals. The CSA (21 U.S.C. 802(39)) defines the term “regulated transaction” as a “distribution, receipt, sale, importation, or exportation of, or an international transaction involving the shipment of, a listed chemical, or if the Attorney General establishes a threshold amount for a specific listed chemical, a transaction involving a threshold amount”. The CSA, therefore, provides the Attorney General with authority to establish a threshold amount for “listed chemicals” if the Attorney General so elects. This rulemaking does not establish a threshold for red phosphorus, white phosphorus or hypophosphorous acid (and its salts). Therefore, all transactions regardless of size will be considered “regulated transactions”.

You have claimed to reside in USA?

If you are registered with DEA as a producer and/or retailer, I appologize for sending this to detritus and will move it back upon receiving a copy of your registration.

[Edited on 4-21-2018 by Bert]

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