The Los Alamos Technical Reports Collection

Los Alamos National Laboratory formerly made available a wide variety of technical publications relating to its work on its website. Public access to these documents ended in 2002, but Gregory Walker and Carey Sublette had already downloaded most of them, and subsequently prepared a document collection on two DVDs made from their downloads. A subset of the DVD collection's documents has been available online through the Project on Government Secrecy of the Federation of American Scientists.

The entire collection is now online here at In order to fit the the large collection into an affordable amount of space, I have optimized the PDFs with a variety of tools. The vast majority of the PDFs here need Adobe Reader 5.0 and newer (or equivalent) due to these optimizations. The documents have been altered only to save space, and should be visually indistinguishable from the originals. The two main "Listing of Technical Reports" indices have been updated to reflect the smaller file sizes, but other document listings have not been updated and will report file sizes as larger than they actually are. A small percentage of the documents are damaged or malformed in some way, but the majority should still be readable with Adobe's official reader.

Special thanks go to Gregory Walker, first for working to archive and organize this material, and second for sharing it with me so that I could share it with the world.

Documents from first DVD +++ Documents from second DVD