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Welcome to the Sciencemadness Wiki

This wiki is meant to be a repository of information that is useful to home chemists. It is edited only by members of the Sciencemadness Discussion Board, rather than being open to the public, meaning it is guaranteed to be a collaborative work of home chemists from around the world. Here you can find descriptions and pictures of many chemical compounds, write-ups of procedures developed by Sciencemadness members, and much more.

The wiki is still in its early stages and there are a few technical difficulties that we are experiencing, but it is now acceptably usable. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the wiki, you can either send a U2U to zts16 or post them in the wiki thread.
Now, without further ado, welcome to the beta version of the official Sciencemadness Wiki!

Dear Editors:

All of the page migration is complete! However, there were a couple of issues. Due to a bug with certain browsers on certain computers (still not entirely sure what the exact problem is), the categories of many pages did not transfer properly, leaving them with no categories (unless the page was classified as a stub or contains a broken file link, in which case it is auto-included in either of those categories). Because of this, we will have to manually add categories to pages. It's no hurry though, and can be done over time. Just look out for pages that are missing categories, and add them as you see fit. Also, check this page for a list of all pages that are missing categories (note that this does not include any pages that are also stubs and/or have broken file links). We are also currently in the process of migrating all the pictures. Amos is in charge of pictures right now, so if you have questions pertaining to pictures, ask him. Also note that some pages contain pictures that we did not upload to the wiki. This is due to a strange phenomenon where some of our pictures happen to share names with pictures that others have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, and instead of showing a broken file link, the wiki pulls the picture from Wikimedia commons, sometimes resulting in hilarity. It would be ideal to replace all of these sooner rather than later. The missing pictures link in the sidebar shows images that were pulled from Wikimedia Commons as strikethrough'd blue links. These all need to be replaced with the proper pictures.

Infoboxes are now sort of working! A trial chemical compound one can be seen here: Acetic acid An element infobox can be seen here: Sulfur