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Good sources of cerium
Maybe you could try electrolysis with a ferrocerium rod in, say, sulfuric acid. Wikipedia states tha ...
27-5-2018 at 20:17
by: ninhydric1
Nickel, Iron, and Molybdenum from Mu-Metal (Hard Drives)
Nickel forms a complex with ammonia, iron doesn't. You can use that to separate the two ions. Copper ...
27-5-2018 at 20:08
by: ninhydric1
Making invisible markings on paper (needs to be not commonly known or easily seen)
If you have a UV light, bleach makes great invisible ink, as it absorbs UV, making it look like blac ...
20-5-2018 at 20:41
by: ninhydric1
sabatier reaction (CO2 + 4H2---> CH4 + 2 H2O) Who makes the equipment?
Electrolysis of water, or the reaction of an acid with a metal (e.g. aluminium), will generate hydro ...
15-5-2018 at 17:35
by: ninhydric1
Have i created dichromates ...
It is not necessarily dichromate; it could also be Fe3+ present in solution.
13-5-2018 at 18:10
by: ninhydric1
The Effects of a Chemically Illiterate Population; I give you C60's Magical Healing Powers
Reminds of the pseudoscience about how germanium had "magical healing powers". Just like this C60 cl ...
12-5-2018 at 22:04
by: ninhydric1
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Would the synthesis of triethyl borate be identical to that of trimethyl borate (reflux, distillatio ...
12-5-2018 at 20:59
by: ninhydric1
Doug's Lab
Chances are if he's not on YouTube, he isn't going to be on ScienceMadness either.
12-5-2018 at 20:55
by: ninhydric1
Gallium and mercury acetate from Peracid+element in GAA
It could be that the reaction is exceedingly slow with gallium. Gallium requires strong acids such a ...
10-5-2018 at 07:14
by: ninhydric1
The Short Questions Thread (4)
When determining R, S chirality centers, is it required to have the hydrogen pointing at you and go ...
10-5-2018 at 07:11
by: ninhydric1
Gallium and mercury acetate from Peracid+element in GAA
What are you planning to use these acetates for?
9-5-2018 at 21:06
by: ninhydric1
lab set-up
From woelen's website:
7-5-2018 at 17:21
by: ninhydric1
Nitric Acid Purification
You don't need a vacuum distillation apparatus. If you have 90+% sulfuric acid, you can just react i ...
28-4-2018 at 19:00
by: ninhydric1
How toxic is methanol actually?
Ethanol is NOT a cure to methanol poisoning; instead, it delays the onset of methanol poisoning. Alc ...
22-4-2018 at 07:20
by: ninhydric1
How should I choose glass joint size?
If you are dealing with smaller quantities, quite a few people on this forum have ordered 14/20 dist ...
14-4-2018 at 18:42
by: ninhydric1
Separation of a US nickel
For those who don't want to deal with soluble lead compounds, tin is also an alternative to fukko's ...
14-4-2018 at 18:39
by: ninhydric1
Using flask on electric stove top - should pan or sand/metal bath be used?
Which type of cooking oil as the lowest heat capacity? I currently use vegetable oil ($7 for 4 L), b ...
14-4-2018 at 18:36
by: ninhydric1
Copper (ii) Oxide Powder from Wire Scraps
I've done the electrolysis route before. Just make sure that the cathode isn't too submerged into th ...
11-4-2018 at 21:44
by: ninhydric1
Ether synthesis safety
By the way, are you synthesizing diethyl ether to gain the experience or to obtain the ether for oth ...
11-4-2018 at 21:39
by: ninhydric1
Isolation of barium metal from baryte sample
However, if you start with barium oxide, you get the reaction

BaO (s) + Mg (s) --> Ba (s) + Mg ...
11-4-2018 at 15:15
by: ninhydric1

[i]2b:[/i] If instead our starting mixture conta ...
9-4-2018 at 15:11
by: ninhydric1
CuSO4 replacement reactions
CuSO4 (aq) + CaCl2 (aq) -> CaSO4 (s) + CuCl2 (aq)

Much easier way of making copper(ii) chlorid ...
6-4-2018 at 19:51
by: ninhydric1
Easiest Way to Make Calcium Acetate
You could add 50-70% sulfuric acid to sodium acetate, and extract crude acetic acid from it using DC ...
6-4-2018 at 19:45
by: ninhydric1
Seperating Cu & Ni salts - chlorides & sulfates (& possibly nitrates)
[rquote=512755&tid=81643&author=RogueRose]So I measured out 40ml of solution (48g) and put i ...
1-4-2018 at 17:43
by: ninhydric1
Chemistry April Fool's Jokes
Replace the sugar in the kitchen with ascorbic/citric acid. Whoever uses it next will have a pleasan ...
1-4-2018 at 10:35
by: ninhydric1
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