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home made rocket fuel.
I don't reccomend chlorate for propellant uses, all the above comments about tendency towards CATOs, ...
13-4-2021 at 08:31
by: Bert
Lab equipment auction- BME/Elemental Scientific
BME Lab and Science and Elemental Scientific are closing their retail store and online website that ...
13-4-2021 at 08:01
by: Bert
Pink Lead Azide... What happened?
Fishing weights = recycled Lead. Anything capable of being melted having been mixed into such alloys ...
15-12-2020 at 00:26
by: Bert
Unconventional Shaped Charges
[rquote=626416&tid=10575&author=specialactivitieSK]How can working flexible shaped charge Se ...
25-11-2019 at 12:58
by: Bert
Fusion power has been said to be achievable in the next 20 years for about 60 years now.

Still wa ...
22-11-2019 at 12:52
by: Bert
Thermite using 'blender grade' Al powder, is it possible ?
One might try adding a bit of Sulfur to the top increment. Or using a bit of mixed (finely powdered) ...
21-11-2019 at 12:34
by: Bert
Short question / quick answer - Thread
[rquote=626381&tid=26572&author=Microtek]It burned in a manner that made me think "propellan ...
18-11-2019 at 06:07
by: Bert
Short question / quick answer - Thread
Nitromethane is a tad low on Oxygen. The urea peroxide is too.

How 'bout trying it in a mixture w ...
13-11-2019 at 20:47
by: Bert
Hydrogen Peroxide Urea can haz detonations?
On a quick look, someone thinks this is a "sleeper", awaiting the first major industrial accident wh ...
12-11-2019 at 05:02
by: Bert
Short question / quick answer - Thread
[rquote=625815&tid=26572&author=underground]Has anyone any expirience with ?

https://en.m ...
11-11-2019 at 20:31
by: Bert
Copper nitrate's potential oxidizing and explosive properties
Barium nitrate containing HE has a long history (including its use in Baratol, a Barium nitrate + TN ...
11-11-2019 at 19:42
by: Bert
How YouTube sees content value (no, we are not valued)
Someone figured out an exploit to see just how much YouTube thinks it should be pushing any particul ...
11-11-2019 at 12:44
by: Bert
Quantity of plutonium
Speaking of "denaturing" weapons grade Pu 239 to make it unsuitable for weapons use?

Somehow, I h ...
8-11-2019 at 17:11
by: Bert
Copper nitrate's potential oxidizing and explosive properties
[rquote=625674&tid=154306&author=LardmanAttack]So recently, I've been wondering about copper ...
8-11-2019 at 09:50
by: Bert
I do not want to move to other countries
If you will read the sticky on posting in this sub forum? ...
12-9-2019 at 20:00
by: Bert
Exotic thermites & analogs
[rquote=609473&tid=10249&author=MineMan]You need to add something that produces gas[/rquote] ...
26-4-2019 at 11:53
by: Bert
Determining historical global production of NiCd batteries - where to start?
Call the battery mfg. trade group, ask the people who make their living off the tech.

I have not ...
23-8-2018 at 19:48
by: Bert
Guess who just got raided boys
Good thing it wasn't a [url=]LONG[/url] bow.

Which country?

[Edited o ...
17-8-2018 at 19:29
by: Bert
Help! Lost password!
Check your U2U.
16-8-2018 at 20:28
by: Bert
Making grinding medium from chopped pieces of rebar?

I cast Lead for bullets- You can do the same as some do for amateur chemistry without an ind ...
25-6-2018 at 05:19
by: Bert
A simple first foray into the Lab
[url=]Caveman Chemistr ...
21-6-2018 at 20:04
by: Bert
Making grinding medium from chopped pieces of rebar?
I see I'm not the only one "repurposing" these.

I have also removed the sprayer wand from the h ...
21-6-2018 at 05:48
by: Bert
Confusion about Aluminium Powder Safety

Oh, another point. One member suggested that in the event you are not injured by the init ...
21-6-2018 at 05:18
by: Bert
Making grinding medium from chopped pieces of rebar?
PVC makes an acceptable mill jar. LOTS of pyrotechnic chemicals have been ground in this. Only a few ...
20-6-2018 at 07:26
by: Bert
(C2N8O4) TTTO has been synthesized, its density remains unreported, and its yeild is 1%
Well, that looks promising. Or scary, can't decide which.

If any could provide a pdf of the paper ...
20-6-2018 at 07:08
by: Bert
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