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Junk members

ScienceSquirrel - 29-8-2008 at 15:46

We seem to be acquiring a lot of new members lately.

But click on the member list, select registration date and then click descending and you will find yourself in a whole new world of original offers when you view a members profile and elect to view their website. :D

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Polverone - 29-8-2008 at 17:43

That's been happening for a very long time. Members who don't log in within two days of registration are deleted because it's probable that they are just spammers.

kclo4 - 29-8-2008 at 22:54

Do the older junk members get deleted as well? I think it would be good if people who weren't active for more then a year or so were deleted, as well as the junk members. No point in keeping them, right? Of course, I don't know much about forum matters, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, perhaps it would be to difficult.

Ebao-lu - 25-1-2009 at 10:07

There are realy plenties of spammers there. Most of their either nicknames, or emails, or websites seem to contain words from some eastern-europen language. That is probably done by one only spam robot, or realy a crazy man.

Rhadon - 7-4-2009 at 11:34

Quote: Originally posted by kclo4  
Do the older junk members get deleted as well? I think it would be good if people who weren't active for more then a year or so were deleted, as well as the junk members.
I might be such an old junk member :D. I'm not here very often, but I'd hate to lose my account :).

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sparkgap - 7-4-2009 at 17:51

You're definitely no junk member; methinks all the chemistry books you've scanned over the years are more than enough to guarantee your spot here. ;)

sparky (~_~)

Elawr - 7-4-2009 at 19:42

I'm not a junk member either!

My problem I must confess is that I had gotten mixed up with that Facebook website! :-)

woelen - 8-4-2009 at 09:50

A member who has not been active for some time certainly need not be a junk member. It is post content which counts, not post frequency or last time of posting. For me, a junk member is a member who just is trolling, posting the obvious kewl-stuff or the obvious cook-stuff and has no desire to learn from other member's feedback. All other members I regard as good members whose accounts certainly should not be deleted!

Polverone - 12-4-2009 at 12:45

Terminator was a junk member who went on two crossposting sprees today. Since he didn't get the message after the first spree was halted, I deleted all his posts and locked his account so it can't be used any more. I skimmed his post history and I don't think much was lost by completely deleting it.

hissingnoise - 12-4-2009 at 13:17

Thanks Polverone, it was a well-earned termination.

Globey - 12-4-2009 at 13:58

Do junk members go floating by in small Chinese sail boats with needles sticking in their arms?

Sedit - 12-4-2009 at 15:48

Depends... Do you have a boat and a needle? :P

chemrox - 12-4-2009 at 23:05

where the hell did Sergei Eisenstein go anyway?

Nicodem - 13-4-2009 at 02:50

Surprisingly enough, some people actually have a real life and have not yet been transformed into ex-human internet boot machines.

Besides, according to Wikipedia he died in February 11, 1948, way before the internet age. Yeah, I know, Wikipedia is not always reliable...

Phosphor-ing - 13-4-2009 at 06:02

looks like top secret would like to join the ranks of our beloved junk members. same post in four different forums, so far.

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not_important - 13-4-2009 at 06:07

New name, same SoS.

Kids, this is why you don't feed ferrets sugar frosted espresso beans and then let them on the Internet. Repetition over originality, as fast as possible.

hissingnoise - 13-4-2009 at 06:29

I just hope he doesn't sell a single copy of the shitty drivel he's peddling. . .

chemoleo - 13-4-2009 at 07:02

I've just deleted all this posts.. .I think this calls for an IP ban!

sparkgap - 13-4-2009 at 07:10

May I suggest editing his extant posts too to delete the links?

sparky (~_~)

Sauron - 13-4-2009 at 07:54

Presently those posts are merely Detritused, they have not been deleted, and they still are showing in Today's Posts.

An IP ban is bit a bad idea but can be circymvented, never mind how.

Sauron - 15-4-2009 at 07:25

The troll is back under his alias top secret. Another major round of spamming.

Polverone - 15-4-2009 at 08:13

This account has been blocked too. The cat-and-mouse game may continue for a while as he is using proxy servers; an IP ban will not work.

Sedit - 15-4-2009 at 10:56

What a dork. Why not post that shit over at some place where they may care to read his retarted book?

froot - 16-4-2009 at 02:21

He strikes again. ANFO-FAE

Are you able to set user registrations to admin approval with this software? This way you can allow a say 48 hour delay before registrations are approved, this will certainly discourage troll activity.
The downside is that it's more chores for admins, unless you can set a permission mask for an elected user to take charge of registration approvals? If you can I would be happy to help out.

hissingnoise - 16-4-2009 at 03:48

You'd think that the futility and counterproductiveness of his approach would have dawned on him by now!
He's shot himself in both feet right from the off. . .

Sauron - 16-4-2009 at 04:55

You misread his morivation badly.

He is NOT a self promoting wannabe author. He is a troll.

He wants to annoy and discomfit and to be talked about.

That is why replying to his spam posts IS futile and counterproductive.

Best is to IGNORE HIM, and leave his candyass to the mods. THAT is what he cannot abide: being ignored.