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Idea of reactions for Rhodium on carbon

Ormarion - 8-8-2020 at 08:13

Hello everyone, i recently acquire some dozen of grams of what im nearly sure to be Rhodium on carbon (Container labeled "graphimet Rh")

I was wondering what kind of cool organic catalysed reaction i could try with it, while doing rapid research i found it can be used to make benzaldehyde from benzyl alcohol but it's pretty useless at home lab scale as MnO2 can do the same from what i know, i also saw it can produce acetic anhydride from methyl acetate and carbon monoxyde but i can easily buy Ac2O and the reaction require high pressure (50 bar or 725 PSI), finally i dont really want to extract the rhodium from it since you can all understand would be a stupid lost

Im not at my lab right now so i wont be able to test synth or give more info about the label before the next week probably

Anyway thanks for your suggestions !

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draculic acid69 - 9-8-2020 at 01:13

Can rh on carbon turn ammonia into nitric acid? I know that rxn uses a rhodium catalyst of some sort

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Ormarion - 9-8-2020 at 02:29

I think it could eventually yes, but generating ammonia also cost me more than just buying regular 67% HNO3, but it could still be interesting to try

draculic acid69 - 9-8-2020 at 19:32

I can't think of any other uses for rhodium

Justin Blaise - 9-8-2020 at 20:46

You could always try to hydrogenate something. Styrene would probably go at 1 atm hydrogen

draculic acid69 - 9-8-2020 at 23:14

Quote: Originally posted by Justin Blaise  
You could always try to hydrogenate something. Styrene would probably go at 1 atm hydrogen

Into ethyl benzene?

Ormarion - 10-8-2020 at 07:19

Hydrogenate something humm...yea such kind of catalyst are known to do this even if it's generally more palladium , i will try to see what material i would need. Thanks for the idea Justin Blaise.

Ormarion - 10-8-2020 at 07:24

So i would need to like bubble anhydrous hydrogen into styren in presence of some rhodium catalyst ?

Sigmatropic - 10-8-2020 at 13:22

Hydrogenations in home set up are not to be taken lightly. It is a catalyst after all and hydrogenated catalyst will burn in air greatly increasing your chance of a fire. There must be something better to do with rhodium on carbon than catalytic reduction... All things that come to mind involve Rh(II), but what do I know.

Ormarion - 11-8-2020 at 01:59

Well i had a little talk with my lab chem teacher (he work in an industrial plant using this kind of catalyst), most of hydrogenation are done under 150atm, so nothing really doable, and you are right for the part where it could catch fire, i will really need to buy some argon tank one of this day.