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Adrians Chemistry Laboratory on the dangers of sulfuric acid

Syn the Sizer - 30-3-2021 at 16:46

Adrian demonstrates the dangers of car- I mean H2SO4. See pure concentrated H2SO4 digest chicken just like Caro's acid.

j_sum1 - 30-3-2021 at 18:28

I agree. It looks a bit vigorous for concentrated sulfuric: more like pirahna solution.
I think he cheated.

Syn the Sizer - 30-3-2021 at 18:33

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
I agree. It looks a bit vigorous for concentrated sulfuric: more like pirahna solution.
I think he cheated.

Yes, a bunch of us claimed so in the comments and he deleted them then went on to insult us lol. We not once insulted him, go figure.

zed - 30-3-2021 at 21:54

I don't know how hot that purported H2SO4 was, upon starting out. But, the experiment did seem rather fizzy.

Peroxide? Dunno.

I use H2SO4 on occasion, but I don't play with it. So, I'm not gonna repeat his experiment.

I'd love to hear about your experiments though.

Syn the Sizer - 30-3-2021 at 22:56

Yah, I would say Caro's acid H2SO4+H2O2. It ate all the chicken skin and left no real carbon behind, Even hot H2SO4 would leave carbon. So much gas evolution, plus an odd cut when at the beginning he specifically said they were doing it in 1 take, and the solution went from transparent to opaque, I couldn't tell volume.
If he took hot acid (like he claims it is) off of a hot plate in that crystallizing dish and placed it on that stone, his safety should be in question not ours. He was called deceptive and told that will create more fear of chemistry, and asked to admit the truth. He got angry, called us down and deleted our comments that he didn't agree with. It was his arrogance in telling us we were irrelevant that was the most unnecessary.
All of that is tell of a liar caught in a lie, just admit it or do another video of the acid in that crystallizing dish on that hot plate, turn the heat off and add the chicken skin. Or better yet show the crow how brave er I mean safe he is taking the dish of hot acid off the plate in 1 take like he claimed. He could have had it heating to the side while showing the other reactions.

I mean I have made piranha solution and so have the others whose comments he deleted for saying it was piranha, I fed mine sausage.

woelen - 30-3-2021 at 23:04

I watched the video and indeed, either the chicken, or the acid, was tampered with. Addition of H2O2 could indeed be an option. Pure H2SO4 does char meat, but does not produce such violent bubbling.

RustyShackleford - 31-3-2021 at 03:35

What a stupid demo, and what a cunt in the comments.

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Fyndium - 31-3-2021 at 04:02

Why are these scarecrows still posted after EU has already banned it?

Syn the Sizer - 31-3-2021 at 04:44

The dickhead deleted more comments.

Syn the Sizer - 31-3-2021 at 16:00

Yay, I got a mention

Industrial Adhesive - 31-3-2021 at 16:14

I used to respect him a lot but looking at how he treats us when we state the facts is very silly and childish. he resorted to defamation with lack of background and other things such as insults. he is only digging a deeper hole for himself. I feel there is a possibility for him to gain respect again but sadly it doesn't seem to be going that way.

Industrial Adhesive - 31-3-2021 at 16:25

Quote: Originally posted by woelen  
I watched the video and indeed, either the chicken, or the acid, was tampered with. Addition of H2O2 could indeed be an option. Pure H2SO4 does char meat, but does not produce such violent bubbling.
it was 100% caros acid or some other very strong oxidizing acid.

he said it was 95% then he said it was 98% H2SO4 we can see it is forming bubbles even before he demonstrates it on the chicken. if it was at the boiling point of H2SO4 there would be very visible H2SO4 fumes. so he is 100% lying.

and if he is not who heats up conc H2SO4 to its boiling point with poor ventilation

B(a)P - 31-3-2021 at 17:01

I don't get the flat earther reference......
Can someone please explain?

Bedlasky - 31-3-2021 at 17:15

Sulfuric acid have boiling point 337°C. Small piece of chicken and sulfuric acid starts to boil after such a short time? Nonsense.

Syn the Sizer - 31-3-2021 at 17:28

Quote: Originally posted by B(a)P  
I don't get the flat earther reference......
Can someone please explain?

It's because we questioned the first video and that makes us conspiracy theorists just like flat earthers. Or that is my understanding anyway

Texium - 31-3-2021 at 17:31

I seem to remember there was another issue with this guy several years ago. I think he's always had a rather standoffish and holier-than-thou attitude. It's a shame, as his lab is truly beautiful.

B(a)P - 31-3-2021 at 17:38

Ah right, so just reverted to name calling.
I enjoyed his reference to using 100% concentrated sulfuric acid.
Who knows what 100% sulfuric acid would do to protein.
Seriously though, it is weird that he felt he needed to make the reaction more spectacular and hype up the dangers. Sulfuric acid on its own makes for a decent demonstration.
The liquid that was poured on the paper from the first video is clearly different to what the chicken went into.
His second video also produced a very different result to the first and a very different result to this, which is similar to his second result.

Syn the Sizer - 31-3-2021 at 18:08

Yah, honestly I wasn't going to share the original video because I didn't care enough. But then he started insulting us on our comments and deleting them so I figured he needs to be brought to light.
He is also saying that out comments will be our downfall or something along those lines. Sounds like a threat lol, so I asked him to elaborate on how. Maybe he will trash talk us to the chemistry community.

DBX Labs - 31-3-2021 at 18:19

Well this has been eventful

Bedlasky - 31-3-2021 at 20:46

I just think that I stay away from this, that everything was said, but after that I saw his second video, I just must say something. He practically tell, that we are irresponsible idiots. And honestly, when I listened to him, it seems to me chemophobical. Everyone how is interested in chemistry knows that H2SO4 can blind you or burn your skin. This absurdly big emphasis on how everything is dangerous and making some scary videos cause more people to be chemophobic. This social mood is quite disquieting - with more chemophobia there will be more restrictions, more fear and more lack of knowledge (because doing chemistry will be more and more difficult).

Syn the Sizer - 1-4-2021 at 07:23

I agree, I made my final comment to him. I actually unsubbed in the first H2SO4 video. I was just going to leave it at that, but he started being a real condescending POS and deleting comments so I decided to bring it here. A real scientist will not silence and insult his nay-sayers he either proves himself right maturely and without insult, or admits he was wrong. Instead he resorts to personal attacks on people he doesn't even know. BackyardScience2000 is a well respected man. He had helped out countless hobbyists and Adrian jumps on him. Only in my most recent and final post on his second did I call him a name. I told him he is an idiot, but he repeatedly has called me names. He looks to be in his 40s but acts like a teenager.

I only commented on his second video because it was sent to me since I got an honourable mention. I realize I am just one subscriber but I am done with him, I was super excited to see him uploading again, but after the whole situation I am done. He needs to expect to be called out in the science community. Hell look at my methyl sorbate writeup on here. For a long time I was proud of it, than it was suggested that I maybe did not synthesize the ester because of it being a diene and possibly have a crap load of addition products as the H2SO4 reacted with the double bonds. Yah I felt stupid fir. It considering that when it is so obvious but admitted my oversight and am now panning on doing it properly. MeI (or possibly MeBr bubbled) and potassium sorbate should work.


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