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From where are you?

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Th0r - 28-6-2008 at 14:05

The Glorious United Kingdom...

Take back the bit about it being 'Glorious'.

octave - 23-7-2008 at 20:07

Southwest Virginia.

In a little place I like to call thunder valley. This, of course, is not a simulacrum of the use of energetic materials; but rather of the ripple effect of thunder bouncing off the mountains around me.

argyrium - 23-7-2008 at 23:38

Pollença and Punchbowl - depending on the season and airfares.

chemkid - 24-7-2008 at 04:03

Suburban Hell, United States.

If there are so many people from Antarctica i would think we would have a lot more complaints about reagents freezing.

Sobrero - 25-7-2008 at 01:28

Belgium :).

DNA - 25-8-2008 at 00:59

The netherlands, starting to be a bit more active lately because there is a lot more time now for experimenting.

497 - 25-8-2008 at 11:02

Alaska, USA. Its nice for reactions that require cooling :P

Sciocrat - 26-8-2008 at 03:01

Croatia. :)
Moving to Zagreb in a few weeks.

Rogeryermaw - 14-10-2010 at 20:31


and since earth is nestled into a small, yet particularly dirty corner of hell that reeks of spam, rotten broccoli, and beer laced deviled egg farts....
what was the question again? oh ya the affectionately named stink hole known as the united states of fuck the constitution, we don't like you so go sit in jail... i mean america.

[Edited on 15-10-2010 by Rogeryermaw]

psychokinetic - 15-10-2010 at 01:20

None of the options.

metalresearcher - 15-10-2010 at 02:30

15% from Antarctica ?? That is a lot ! A lot of people experiment at low temperatures ?

from where are you

cyanureeves - 15-10-2010 at 04:29

texas can you believe i read a purchase order form that stated i could not buy a glass retort without filing a form because texas required so?because of meth cooks. i dont care much for that particular stimulant.but respect all synthesis.i guess ill use mayonaise jars like they do. oh! im voting antartica.brrrr. its cold here ya'll.

Sephi - 4-11-2010 at 02:18

Italy, in the city of Romeo and Juliet :)

DougTheMapper - 4-11-2010 at 10:26

Near Detroit, MI, USA.

Or De-Toilet as we so fondly call it. Our mayor recently went to jail and our school system is over $250M USD in debt. Also one of the highest unemployment rates in the country... peaked at somewhere around 19% last year.

wallschem - 17-11-2010 at 12:13

From Guadalajara, Mexico.

Doktor Klawonn - 20-11-2010 at 05:52


I live in the FRG. Also known as federal republic of Germany.


Mercedesbenzene - 5-1-2012 at 23:14

From the Pacific Coast of Canada!

OctanitroC - 23-4-2012 at 03:41

Charleston, SC, southeast USA. Anybody else nearby?

Eddygp - 28-4-2012 at 13:12

Many cryogenics, >14% living there (Antartica)
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