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allyl valerate - pineapple ester
If you're working with anything high-boiling you're sure to have a pretty lengthy distillation, so i ...
28-2-2020 at 07:02
by: Amos
Pretty Pictures (2)
The two extremes of Cobalt Violet, a cobalt(II) phosphate pigment. The pink one was prepared by addi ...
27-2-2020 at 17:15
by: Amos
I get mine in 4L jugs from a chemical supply company in my city, you might try this vendor https://w ...
26-2-2020 at 09:56
by: Amos
My piperine extraction setup without soxhlet extractor
I'm guessing from your setup you performed multiple extractions by distilling isopropanol directly t ...
25-2-2020 at 07:06
by: Amos
No drugs for you
I can see the madness quite clearly, just waiting on the science now
24-2-2020 at 06:34
by: Amos
Aerial oxidation of ferrous ions
[rquote=631249&tid=154896&author=Boffis]I use ferrous chloride as a highly selective nitro-g ...
18-2-2020 at 16:23
by: Amos
Who's sorry now
Did someone really just unironically link Breitbart?
16-2-2020 at 14:42
by: Amos
Tetraamminecopper (II) sulphate solubility
I have used both 91% isopropanol and acetone to precipitate this complex, acetone is superior but th ...
13-2-2020 at 13:27
by: Amos
Does anyone know if these are borosilicate or not?
The product on the left comes with the description "The Brew Plunger also known as a French Press is ...
11-2-2020 at 07:05
by: Amos
Unsuccessful Grignard with PhMgBr - what did I make?
And even if you don't have bromine you can generate a small amount by adding bleach or acidic hydrog ...
8-2-2020 at 06:47
by: Amos
What's the cheapest metal powder to make?
steel wool with potassium nitrate and a bit of sulfur burns extremely hot when briefly ground togeth ...
2-2-2020 at 09:01
by: Amos
Solvents for acid/base workups of amines?
If you are fine with the idea of obtaining your amines as pure hydrochloride salts, which usually pr ...
21-1-2020 at 07:38
by: Amos
Sulfuric Acid from Sulfate Salts and Oxalic acid?
This topic has been beaten to death in several threads already. The answer is yes, this works to pro ...
3-1-2020 at 08:30
by: Amos
Report on making Aluminium Iodide
This reaction can also be conducted in anhydrous alcohols to yield alkyl iodides, if you're interest ...
2-1-2020 at 08:38
by: Amos
No experience with fractional distillation. help me decide what column to buy?
Get yourself some fine bits of inert porous material as boiling chips. Rough, gritty bits of porcela ...
2-1-2020 at 06:38
by: Amos
Purify ferrous sulfate
Maybe I'm exposing a blind spot in my inorganic chemistry knowledge, but why is everyone suggesting ...
25-12-2019 at 12:05
by: Amos
I quit using cannabis to be a safer chemist.
The pleasant things we feel from occasional use simply cannot be felt all the time. I'm much happier ...
25-12-2019 at 11:50
by: Amos
Purify ferrous sulfate
I would honestly simply recrystallize your ferrous sulfate from boiling water when you have a signif ...
24-12-2019 at 06:30
by: Amos
Kitchenware Pyrex on Hotplate
I've used these containers quite successfully on ceramic hotplates that are slow to cool and heat bu ...
21-12-2019 at 08:43
by: Amos
(success) Preparation of isopropyl salicylate fragrant ester
[rquote=628126&tid=154584&author=Tsjerk]Is there a reason you don't let the reaction run lon ...
18-12-2019 at 13:13
by: Amos
Possible easy thionyl chloride synthesis
Thanks Dan, always nice to see someone experienced and with their wits about them ready to scare the ...
18-12-2019 at 13:09
by: Amos
Help in synthesising manganese (II) sulfate
It's difficult to say, because even though hydrogen peroxide can act as a reducing agent, its decomp ...
18-12-2019 at 07:34
by: Amos
Crap from "attempt to make isopropyl salicylate, something interesting happened"
I believe the gasoline odor is actually diisopropyl ether; I noticed a petrochemical-scented fractio ...
16-12-2019 at 09:34
by: Amos
Amounts of sulfuric acid and excess reactant in fischer esterificatoin procedures
Different alcohols, acids, and reaction conditions should also caution the concentration of sulfuric ...
13-12-2019 at 08:07
by: Amos
Is electrolysing brine a viable method of HCL production?
If you combine any reasonably strong non-volatile acid (think phosphoric, or even sodium bisulfate) ...
13-12-2019 at 07:57
by: Amos
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