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making alloys by electrochemistry
Would it work to have 2 or more (different metals) anodes and a circuit that alternate sending some ...
11-6-2005 at 17:04
by: Archimede
Copper oxides removing...
Is there a way to use electrolysis to dissolve the copper oxide in solution without ruining the copp ...
11-6-2005 at 16:47
by: Archimede
Power Cord
If it was me, I would inspect the inside of the mantle to see if it's just made of the heating ...
11-6-2005 at 16:33
by: Archimede
Voltage Data to text file
Feed us some specs about Voltage/Amps/Frequency/Temp ranges so we can look into the best component f ...
6-6-2005 at 17:35
by: Archimede
Voltage Data to text file
And if you need to measure voltages above 20 Volts you can divide the voltage at the probe by 10 usi ...
31-5-2005 at 18:18
by: Archimede
ferric chloride
My teacher was always getting mad when he saw chunks of alluminum in the ferric chloride we used to ...
21-5-2005 at 19:09
by: Archimede
Precipitated copper powder
As an electrician I can find fair amounts of scrap clean copper. Can I just dissolve it in solution ...
21-5-2005 at 18:46
by: Archimede
Nicotine Extraction and purification
I remember a friend of mine that at a bar was blowing the smoke of his cigarette in a glass of water ...
13-5-2005 at 17:37
by: Archimede

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