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Taste of different acids?
Having had an accidental whiff of HF, I can tell you it smells much like an off vinegar but with muc ...
3-3-2015 at 19:54
by: BobD1001
OTC Calcium Chloride - Good for Drying
Here in Pennsylvania during the winter months you can find huge amount of pure calcium chloride (use ...
7-1-2015 at 14:22
by: BobD1001
Canned Air - Hydrofluoric Acid
[rquote=376230&tid=53719&author=Morgan]Hydrofluoric acid burn resulting from ignition of gas ...
9-12-2014 at 16:49
by: BobD1001
Canned Air - Hydrofluoric Acid
Thank you Woelen. My hastily performed research told me that I should be okay, but I wasn't quite su ...
9-12-2014 at 00:12
by: BobD1001
Canned Air - Hydrofluoric Acid
Earlier tonight I was working with canned air dusting out my computer when some of it caught fire. T ...
8-12-2014 at 23:12
by: BobD1001
Simple Argon Source
Hopefully some may find this useful, as getting a full tank of argon can be very cost prohibitive an ...
28-11-2014 at 23:48
by: BobD1001
weight of gold leaf from thailand
I'm somewhat curious as I have seen many of these Thailand gold leaf packets for pocket change... Ha ...
28-10-2014 at 22:58
by: BobD1001 mole calculator
Wow, many excellent resources. I bookmarked just about every one of them! Certainly will be saving s ...
20-10-2014 at 18:56
by: BobD1001
Anyone needing MMO?
Wow he really upped his prices! About 6 months ago I bought two 6 3/4" X 10" sheets for $15 a piece. ...
16-10-2014 at 19:12
by: BobD1001
Uranium in Southern California?
Excellent resource! I live in southeastern PA and was looking into collecting some Uranium minerals ...
14-9-2014 at 20:07
by: BobD1001
Cleaning Sulfuric Acid- The Easy Way!
Any Ace hardware should carry Rooto drain opener, which is basically pure sulfuric acid. There may b ...
25-8-2014 at 17:50
by: BobD1001
Legality and Ebay
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion you would be "screwed". If you keep a detailed lab notebook detail ...
25-7-2014 at 14:37
by: BobD1001
Silicon Micro-Fuse
I know this is somewhat pyrotechnic related, however it may be of use to anyone finding Goldschmidt ...
22-7-2014 at 13:14
by: BobD1001
What do you do to prevent yourself from chemicals?
[rquote=338576&tid=31726&author=yiberkit]In the lab. or process/plant area, what do you do t ...
17-7-2014 at 21:36
by: BobD1001
Interest Check - Sodium Metal spheres, ACS
I would be very interested depending upon price.
14-7-2014 at 06:32
by: BobD1001
Selling my lab
Best of luck in furthering your education Plante! I am sure you will enjoy it! Shame you have to sel ...
2-7-2014 at 18:55
by: BobD1001
Reactions with Sulfamic acid
One very neat use of sulfamic acid is its use in smoke generating compositions. Of course this is mo ...
2-7-2014 at 18:46
by: BobD1001
Your favorite lab equipment
Certainly my Buchner Funnel is one of my most commonly used lab items. A reflux setup is a great nec ...
24-6-2014 at 13:48
by: BobD1001
Pumping water into a distillation condenser
Tiny aquarium pump and a small styrofoam cooler with ice and water. I previously used a small electr ...
2-6-2014 at 14:29
by: BobD1001
Anyone want Hydrazine Sulfate?
23-5-2014 at 21:46
by: BobD1001
Science Secret Santa!
We should do our own version! That would be pretty neat. We could send each-other reagents and whatn ...
13-5-2014 at 09:27
by: BobD1001
Fix or toss
I would have to agree with the previous posters in keeping it, you may be able to find a good glassb ...
8-5-2014 at 21:30
by: BobD1001
I had my lab searched!
Excellent to hear such an uplifting story! Again, as many members pointed out, thank you for represe ...
4-5-2014 at 20:40
by: BobD1001
Making an extremely fine powder
I believe vacuum dehydration will be a good choice followed by ball milling with stainless steel med ...
3-5-2014 at 15:39
by: BobD1001
"invisible metal"
Wow, that's is truly amazing!
27-4-2014 at 10:18
by: BobD1001
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