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Need incentive or true expirments
Well I would think doing reproducing a well know chemical synthesis would be a good start. Obviousl ...
25-11-2007 at 23:40
by: DeAdFX
Ceric ammonium nitrate- uses and synthesis
Would molten Ammonium nitrate + Cerium (IV) or (III) oxide be sufficient to form the double nitrate ...
20-11-2007 at 10:06
by: DeAdFX
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
She is probably one of those people who watches antique roadshow on PBS and doesn't want to be the ...
12-11-2007 at 09:03
by: DeAdFX
Need info on KClO4 propellants
You could try KClO4/PVC/Hexamine/Plasticizer like an ester. Find some Gorilla glue. It contains 85 ...
23-10-2007 at 19:39
by: DeAdFX
Preparation of cyanides
If I remember correctly doesn't the reaction between ammonia and chloroform produce methylamine or s ...
23-9-2007 at 16:05
by: DeAdFX
Iodine from Iodine tincture?
I am pretty certain Sauron is just pissed off that at the talentless shit heads that spam this forum ...
23-9-2007 at 00:51
by: DeAdFX
anhydrous ammonia from urea?
Would the catalytic decomposition of urea via Urease be worth a try? A large amount of Ammonia/CO2 ...
15-9-2007 at 07:19
by: DeAdFX
Cyanide Insect Bait
Well if your really gung ho about frying those sons of a bitches then you could try pentachloropheno ...
12-8-2007 at 22:12
by: DeAdFX
Bizzare! im kinda wierded out
I remember mythbusters doing something along the lines of this experiment. Except they did water vs ...
6-8-2007 at 22:21
by: DeAdFX
How to extract ethylene glycol from car liquid
... I distill mine. The highest concentration at the hardware stores is 50/50 prediluted. When di ...
6-8-2007 at 15:11
by: DeAdFX
Nitroguanidine from Sulphamic acid and Urea
Wow fucking awesome find Axt... I believe this method looks a lot more OTC than the ammonium nitrat ...
31-7-2007 at 14:33
by: DeAdFX
Lightning .... Charcoal and Ground
Hmmm... Does your regular(non activated) charcoal contain a significant portion of organic material ...
26-7-2007 at 21:17
by: DeAdFX
Need help destroying nasty organics
Hmm thanks guys... I think I might have some HCL kicking around somewhere. I will probably dump a ...
23-7-2007 at 16:48
by: DeAdFX
Need help destroying nasty organics
I was recently using a motar and pestle to grind up some pentachlorophenol(PCP) for some pyrotechnic ...
23-7-2007 at 14:56
by: DeAdFX
Flash Powder
Just stick with regular ol Black powder. In the field of pyrotechnics KMnO4 is only good for flash ...
19-7-2007 at 10:12
by: DeAdFX
PC - an otc source of formic acid ?
If you don't mind doing a little work I believe formic acid can be made from glycerin and oxalic aci ...
17-7-2007 at 21:20
by: DeAdFX
Ammonium nitrate without nitric acid
[quote][i]Originally posted by not_important[/i]
The problem with the calcium nitrate/ammonium sulf ...
13-7-2007 at 08:12
by: DeAdFX
Police Seize Huge Cache Of Explosives From Colorado Home
I am surprised these wankers weren't able to find this little gem.

23-6-2007 at 11:54
by: DeAdFX
Police Seize Huge Cache Of Explosives From Colorado Home
The only sort of "terrorism" involved so far is from the author mentioning the usage of explosives/t ...
21-6-2007 at 09:36
by: DeAdFX
New Energetic Materials - Current Research
Hydrazine is rather reactive towards oxygen shouldn't the stuff convert to H2O/N2 after a few weeks ...
6-6-2007 at 08:15
by: DeAdFX
Ideas for making ethylenediamine?
I believe axt posted a synthesis of ethylene diamine in his ethylene dinitramine thread. I cannot s ...
31-5-2007 at 08:17
by: DeAdFX
The rights of individuals to buy chemicals.
[quote][i]Originally posted by DerAlte[/i]

We cannot control the lunacy of the McVeighs and Islam ...
27-5-2007 at 16:38
by: DeAdFX
Triiodobenzoic acid
Why not oxidize the molecule using a basic 10-35% solution of hydrogen peroxide[with some ferrours/f ...
21-5-2007 at 19:09
by: DeAdFX
Potential uses of Citric Acid
What were your weight ratios for Citric acid and KNO3? Prehaps it might burn with less residue if y ...
27-4-2007 at 17:41
by: DeAdFX
1000 gallons of glycerine - What would YOU do with it?
You could make glycidyl(sp) nitrate. A very breif summary of a patent. Glycerin is nitrated to din ...
24-4-2007 at 10:47
by: DeAdFX
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