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My version of Hexamine synthesis
If you're into some experimenting frogfot built a good oxidation apparatus for conversion of methano ...
17-1-2006 at 13:25
by: Esplosivo
Dichloromethane ?
Each mole of CaCl2 should sequester 4 moles of methanol (and 3 moles of ethanol) by forming some sor ...
17-1-2006 at 07:50
by: Esplosivo
Experimental Preparation of Chlorobutanol
This depends a lot on intermediates and products in the metabolic conversion of the chloral hydrate ...
13-1-2006 at 23:25
by: Esplosivo
Experimental Preparation of Chlorobutanol
I too used an alcoholic solution of NaOH for the synthesis of chlorobutanol some time ago (I didn't ...
13-1-2006 at 15:01
by: Esplosivo
Luminous Glowing Bacteria - Homemade!!
That's nice to hear. So you did manage to grow colonies on the fish. I have tried with two freshly c ...
12-1-2006 at 09:01
by: Esplosivo
Preparation of ionic nitrites
[quote][i]Originally posted by garage chemist[/i]
Just add a few drops of 20% HCl to a sp ...
8-1-2006 at 13:44
by: Esplosivo
Dont misuse this opportunity
Thank you!! Great contribution! This seems to allow me to download from rapidshare!! Thank you again ...
8-1-2006 at 02:37
by: Esplosivo
What about "glassy" carbon as an anode material in a chlorate or perchlorate cell?
My question may sound stupid, but what is 'glassy' carbon?
3-9-2005 at 23:13
by: Esplosivo
Cultiving Lichens...anyone tried this?
To a certain extent the fungus might be said to provide shelter/protection and maybe create a humid ...
29-8-2005 at 23:41
by: Esplosivo
Cultiving Lichens...anyone tried this?
A lichen is composed of two symbiotically related organisms, a fungus and a photosynthetic microorga ...
27-8-2005 at 22:48
by: Esplosivo
Odd zinc-copperII reaction
The reaction is quite exothermic. Hot water has a lower density than cool (4deg C) water, therefore ...
24-6-2005 at 01:00
by: Esplosivo
ammonium acetate
Not working?! Strange... I think you are trying to heat it more than enough to remove the water, the ...
23-6-2005 at 04:47
by: Esplosivo
Butyric Acid
Most bacteria generate gases when they metabolise chemicals as a source of energy. Therefore what yo ...
18-6-2005 at 23:04
by: Esplosivo
Biological oxidation of ammonium/amines
I was already thinking of the process previously. The idea first came from Theoretic, on the thread ...
4-6-2005 at 00:53
by: Esplosivo
lead nitrate synthesis
Yes, it can be done that way. The CaSO4 has a low solubility in water, so I guess it can be filtered ...
31-5-2005 at 12:07
by: Esplosivo
U.S. Department of Justice has a new batch of records.
Bah, simply annoying... If it were serious I don't think they would mail you and then act after ...
22-5-2005 at 00:46
by: Esplosivo
Ethanol chlorination..
If it's chloral, add a sodium hydroxide solution to it and leave to settle. A bottom layer of c ...
19-5-2005 at 10:35
by: Esplosivo
Hot toluene: a great solvent for sulfur
If cooled slowly a saturated sulfur soln in toluene can lead to quite large rhombic sulfur crystals. ...
14-5-2005 at 20:49
by: Esplosivo
flame temperatures
Since this thread regards flame temperatures does anyone have any idea of what temperature can be re ...
13-5-2005 at 21:05
by: Esplosivo
Pt electroplating
Axehandle had dissolved Pt to the hexachloroplatinate IIRC by electrolysing Pt electrodes in HCl con ...
12-5-2005 at 06:54
by: Esplosivo
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
evil_lurker, why not try heating the Pb3P2 formed with sulfur as was described by BromicAcid in the ...
10-5-2005 at 21:24
by: Esplosivo
Wow thanks solo! [b]Great[/b] contribution!
8-5-2005 at 22:11
by: Esplosivo
Plexiglass, commonly known as perspex, can easily be depolimerized by heating chips of the polymer t ...
6-5-2005 at 22:01
by: Esplosivo
Chromium isolation
[quote][i]Originally posted by unionised[/i]
"Remember that Chromium is also amphotheric, like ...
6-5-2005 at 21:48
by: Esplosivo
Acetic anhydride preparation
The first one is surely a very interesting patent, the second I can't read because its in germa ...
6-5-2005 at 00:17
by: Esplosivo
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