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Unconventional Hexamine Dinitrate - Will It Work?
It works, it's a simple displacement reaction that takes place at a faster rate than the decompositi ...
20-6-2013 at 04:53
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Important milestones in organic chemistry/organic synthesis
As nicol and alice noted, total synthesis has a fascinating history - even though now it's pretty mu ...
18-6-2013 at 05:16
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Chemicals in things used for food.
The only thing I've ever felt comfortable with using in this manner is Pyrex (or any off-brand boros ...
5-6-2013 at 06:27
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Scared to ask science teacher about doing chemistry in school lab
Back in school there are two teachers who come to mind - Mr Borucki and Mr Meek... Polar opposites ...
31-5-2013 at 08:13
by: Intergalactic_Captain
MAP PRO as a starting buildblock in home chemistry
The original MAPP was an tautomomeric clusterfuck - methylacetylene/propane/propadiene... No clue o ...
31-5-2013 at 07:19
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Weird looking wound(s)
I'd take Woelen's advice on this one... Your pictures are just far enough out of focus that it's di ...
22-5-2013 at 05:10
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Chemistry for camping?
Now we're going back to scouts - some of the most fun I've ever had :) ... I was the only one in my ...
9-5-2013 at 05:20
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Silly teacher.
I would add one here;

-Material Safety Data (MSDS) Sheets for all materials utilized in this faci ...
24-4-2013 at 05:34
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Fertilizer Plant blows up in Waco, Texas
[rquote=281692&tid=24034&author=watson.fawkes]No, it's not backwards at all. If there was cr ...
20-4-2013 at 06:02
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Fertilizer Plant blows up in Waco, Texas
There are a few things that irk me right off the bat here... I live in WNY, and all the local cover ...
18-4-2013 at 07:55
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Electrolytic Silver Cell
I've been stumbling across this thread for some time now while bouncing a few ideas around... First ...
13-1-2013 at 22:32
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Picamilon - Synthesis ideas?
...Damn, gotta remember not to post ideas when I'm drunk... Amide formation is not as simple as est ...
12-12-2012 at 07:07
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Picamilon - Synthesis ideas?

So, searching the forum for this has brought up absolutely ...
11-12-2012 at 22:01
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Oxidizer - KClO4

...Been a while since anyone ...
22-11-2012 at 01:46
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Anyone order from Red Fox Trading?
Either a sting operation or it will be soon if it's legit;

Pentaerythritol and Nitric Acid - Inte ...
21-11-2012 at 17:01
by: Intergalactic_Captain
The Gross LED - Need some PWM pointers
Thanks AX and Watson - But I think I may have misrepresented flicker here. I want to run this at a ...
9-11-2012 at 00:14
by: Intergalactic_Captain
The Gross LED - Need some PWM pointers
Been a while since I've posted here, and this a non-chem project so it belongs in Misc. A lot of yo ...
8-11-2012 at 03:22
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Printing on nitrocellulose
Wow - Your mention of a scroll just made it all possible in a reusable manner - And all the ignition ...
8-2-2012 at 02:27
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Extract Silver From X-RAY Film

About halfway down is a phoducumentar ...
8-2-2012 at 02:04
by: Intergalactic_Captain
any tips for the 19/22 guy?
All things considered, being in GA I'd say 19/22 might be the better bet - If for no better reason t ...
6-2-2012 at 19:41
by: Intergalactic_Captain
The LeRoy "mystery illness?"
Being that this is the MSDB, and that the story has been making national news, I'd imagined someone ...
5-2-2012 at 04:54
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Why no nuclear batteries in cell phones ?
I've often pondered this one myself, considering the idea that one might be able to create a future- ...
28-10-2011 at 05:46
by: Intergalactic_Captain
The best Alcohols for Heating
Depends what you need it for. If you're heating a test-tube, denatured alcohol or IPA in a wick-typ ...
28-10-2011 at 05:23
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Synthesis of Nickel Acetate?
Thread successfully hijcacked :)

Don't know how I screwed it up, but it's 56% Copper, NOT nickel. ...
27-10-2011 at 00:13
by: Intergalactic_Captain
Ammonium nitrate + HCl
All ebay jokes aside, I've bought stuff from quartzpegmatite (the link hissingnoise gave) before an ...
25-10-2011 at 03:14
by: Intergalactic_Captain
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