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[rquote=617758&tid=151967&author=Sulaiman]Condemnation for herecy ... I'm saying that iodine ...
16-7-2019 at 23:20
by: Metacelsus
Anthranilic acid fail
Salts, for example. Also oligomerized oxidation products (similar to aniline).

I agree that it pr ...
16-7-2019 at 09:40
by: Metacelsus
Ethyl Tosylate for Sale (ethylation agent)
What's the source?

Also, I think "methylation agent" in your title is probably a typo.
15-7-2019 at 09:00
by: Metacelsus
Anthranilic acid fail
[rquote=617637&tid=151520&author=Amos]I didn't honestly read too much of the lengthy comment ...
14-7-2019 at 22:36
by: Metacelsus
Imaging the website
There's a backup from last year publicly available: ...
6-7-2019 at 22:34
by: Metacelsus
Anthranilic acid fail
[rquote=616948&tid=151520&author=Pumukli]I think it's time to start a scimad challenge: let' ...
5-7-2019 at 22:37
by: Metacelsus
Benzaldehyde By Reduction Of Benzoic Acid
Hmmm. The reduction will not be easy. And in case you're wondering, the Cannizzaro reaction isn't re ...
3-7-2019 at 11:09
by: Metacelsus
Methanesulfonyl azide as an antidote for hydrogen sulfide
Apparently methanesulfonyl azide is a decent H2S antidote (tested in mice). I'd have expected the az ...
3-7-2019 at 11:06
by: Metacelsus
Cellulase enzyme
Does anyone know how to extract cellulase e ...
1-7-2019 at 23:05
by: Metacelsus
Help! Questions concerning Extraction, Washing, and Concentration Every Hobby-Chemist Should Be Able to Answer!
On the one hand, I think fentanyl is a very nasty thing that can ruin people's lives.

On the othe ...
30-6-2019 at 22:53
by: Metacelsus
Diacetone alcohol synthesis
[rquote=616534&tid=151551&author=reactofurnace]i was wondering if it is possible to conduct ...
30-6-2019 at 22:41
by: Metacelsus
Anthranilic acid fail
Why not NaOCl? I've made anthranilic acid using it. Yield isn't great (around 40%) but it's generall ...
29-6-2019 at 22:31
by: Metacelsus
Free Chemicals in UK
Crap! Why did I leave my home lab behind in Minnesota when I moved to the UK?

But I do know someo ...
27-6-2019 at 10:49
by: Metacelsus
Vacuum aspirator using DMSO
[rquote=616088&tid=151383&author=Keras]DMSO is not that toxic, is it?[/rquote]

No; in fac ...
25-6-2019 at 12:57
by: Metacelsus
Chemical tests for heavy metals
I'd expect the limit of detection of those tests to be well above the level of dangerous toxicity. M ...
25-6-2019 at 12:54
by: Metacelsus
Filling old gas canisters
Furthermore, hydrogen will cause metal embrittlement, so hydrogen canisters have to be specially des ...
24-6-2019 at 23:34
by: Metacelsus
1-propanol from 2-propanol
Alternatively, why don't you mix propene with bromi ...
23-6-2019 at 09:20
by: Metacelsus
Failure to make Chloroform - help
[rquote=615843&tid=151301&author=fishfrys]When I try to make the chloroform, after adding th ...
23-6-2019 at 01:25
by: Metacelsus
1-propanol from 2-propanol
If you're after propanoic acid, it's probably easier to make it by haloform reaction of 2-butanone ( ...
23-6-2019 at 01:10
by: Metacelsus
Wet ether
[rquote=615782&tid=151271&author=UC235]I would probably rough-dry ether with anhydrous MgSO4 ...
22-6-2019 at 04:59
by: Metacelsus
Any way to prepare anhydrous ZnCl2 without using gaseous Cl2 or HCl?
Yes, I have done this. Adding a little excess HCl helps to avoid decomposition to the oxychloride. T ...
12-6-2019 at 22:32
by: Metacelsus
Alkynyl Magnesium Halide:Grignard's reagent
[rquote=614824&tid=150908&author=DraconicAcid]Alkynyl magnesium halides aren't generally use ...
9-6-2019 at 22:38
by: Metacelsus
Drano uses?
NaOH is a component of the "shake and bake" meth production method.
Or maybe they're dissolving som ...
7-6-2019 at 23:02
by: Metacelsus
Some questions on Lucas reaction + amine alkylation
Yes, ZnCl2/HCl will convert primary alcohols to alkyl chlorides. We did it in my undergrad o-chem la ...
2-6-2019 at 07:54
by: Metacelsus
Formalin chemistry
You could use it to preserve some biological specimens (dilute it to 4% first).
31-5-2019 at 23:24
by: Metacelsus
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