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Yet another safety discussion
Safety when dealing with energetic materials is a subtle concept to grasp, so I suppose its understa ...
23-6-2004 at 19:04
by: blazter
The Cure for Aging!!!!
Seems like I remember reading that some of the most advanced anti-aging research surrounds the telom ...
7-6-2004 at 16:04
by: blazter
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
Well, the best smelling chemicals that I've encountered so far would probably have to be chloro ...
6-6-2004 at 16:47
by: blazter
chloroform formation without distillation
You'd want to wash using saturated salt solution. The milky color seen in the distilled water ...
29-5-2004 at 05:37
by: blazter
Not 100% sure about this, but was told that certain .50 cal rounds contain depleated U in the tips t ...
17-5-2004 at 17:37
by: blazter
separation of products
Even if distillation was to fail, I have a feeling one could take advantage of soluabilities of DEET ...
16-5-2004 at 17:31
by: blazter
Experimental Preparation of Chlorobutanol
Good to see that people are still researching this synthesis. I still have the small vial of produc ...
9-5-2004 at 18:18
by: blazter
Chlorobutanol synthesis
After digging through some old vials which had been accumulating, I stumbled upon the old chlorobuta ...
10-1-2004 at 21:05
by: blazter
some ideas
You mention that the reaction was carried out in a plastic container, it is possible that the mix go ...
29-12-2003 at 13:30
by: blazter
Trinitrophenol (TNP)
The ASA was painstakingly purified using hot acetone. The sulfuric was heated for at least 10 minut ...
29-12-2003 at 12:51
by: blazter
Trinitrophenol (TNP)
This project has been resting for a while only because of the great dissappointment which it was.
28-12-2003 at 21:02
by: blazter
Paraformaldehyde Purification
Since pure paraformaldehyde is not easily available for me OTC, I am limited to using what wally wor ...
24-12-2003 at 21:20
by: blazter
even in small quantities be careful
If you intend to do a controlled experiment as Samosa suggested bear in mind the extreme power of th ...
23-12-2003 at 14:10
by: blazter
PC power supply
I too have attempted to put an old AT computer power supply to use. My problem now seems to be gett ...
21-12-2003 at 14:51
by: blazter
simple chemistry?
First of all, synthetic mescaline will be no different than natural mescaline. Meaning that alkaloi ...
21-12-2003 at 13:15
by: blazter
the reaction wasn't violent for me...
I have previously posted my experiment to produce what I hoped to be chlorobutanol. It was done at ...
21-12-2003 at 12:33
by: blazter
the more the merrier
For this chlorate cell which consists of salt solution in a 1 gallon glass jar, the more amps the be ...
19-12-2003 at 17:24
by: blazter
old AT power supply problems
I managed to scavange an old AT power supply from a scrapped compaq computer. It doesn't seem ...
19-12-2003 at 14:05
by: blazter
EGDN from antifreeze
Soon I expect to attempt a mixed acid nitration of antifreeze. The only reservation I have about th ...
23-7-2003 at 09:05
by: blazter
ethyl ether preparation problem
Well, come to think of it, there was a bit of a strange odor from the flask afterwards. I'm no ...
10-6-2003 at 12:44
by: blazter
ethyl ether preparation problem
With a few days left in my independant chem class i decided to do what seemed to be a fairly easy sy ...
9-6-2003 at 19:05
by: blazter
Actually it wasn't that pure
I sort of got impatient with the cell I was running and the anode was getting eaten to nothing prett ...
2-4-2003 at 12:13
by: blazter
NaClO3 converted to KClO3
I used KCl to convert the NaClO3 to KClO3 which is MUCH less soluable and would've hopefully pr ...
1-4-2003 at 21:18
by: blazter
linux web mirroring
Anyone who runs linux should already have a very powerful web mirroring tool installed - wget. Anyt ...
1-4-2003 at 15:40
by: blazter
odd color change
I tried this a looong time ago with NaCl, then converting it to the potassium salt. I too got the b ...
1-4-2003 at 15:35
by: blazter
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