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Clean Ethanol from OTC Yeasts and chemicals
Might be byproducts like higher alcohols, esters, glycerol, 2,3-Butanediol and succinic acid, basica ...
28-11-2014 at 08:23
by: confused
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
[rquote=371018&tid=19102&author=Little_Ghost_again]Microscopy is a real passion but I am sti ...
26-11-2014 at 07:39
by: confused
Chinese Glassware on Ebay vs. Used Pyrex
i prefer new chinese glass, mostly because it's cheap and hasn't failed me yet, and also how i have ...
26-11-2014 at 07:07
by: confused
Ways to test my future "reagents"?
HPLC for soluble non volatile compounds

Edit: i think he means ways for someone without all that ...
19-11-2014 at 16:53
by: confused
Lab Coats
I use my labcoat for reactions that involve corrosives, toxic/hazzardous chemicals and anything that ...
18-11-2014 at 18:43
by: confused
In the pipeline - YouTube videos!
any chance of a pyranine extraction from highlighters video?
16-11-2014 at 00:27
by: confused
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
There are antibiotics that can affect the replication of the bacteria by

-inhibiting transcriptio ...
11-11-2014 at 07:57
by: confused
What elements can I extract from a CRT?
the phosphors from the CRT screen maybe?
15-10-2014 at 08:16
by: confused
Rador Labs - the outreach collaborative!
I like what im seeing so far, maybe a few videos, on basic lab safety and chemical handling for the ...
25-9-2014 at 05:18
by: confused
Tired of reporting spam
I have terrible luck with captchas, always get them wrong, it appears that my image reccognition sof ...
19-9-2014 at 07:26
by: confused
Tired of reporting spam
what is the criteria for the spam filter to work, must people report the posts or does it magic the ...
18-9-2014 at 18:52
by: confused
Best-smelling chemicals
Vanillin, that stuff smells lovely
5-9-2014 at 19:23
by: confused
Methanol mistake
it was probably the methanol that caused the burns
4-9-2014 at 08:59
by: confused
Cancer Question
There are biological assays to test the probrability of a chemical to be a carcinogen/mutagen

htt ...
28-8-2014 at 06:34
by: confused
Beginner Distillation Projects
is there any way to test the water content after ethanol distillation?
24-8-2014 at 04:26
by: confused
The Short Questions Thread (4)
well, better to err on the side of caution than to totally disregard something potentially hazzardou ...
23-8-2014 at 05:17
by: confused
Tech grade HCl impurities
agreed, wouldnt the HCL vapor just escape upon heating? ...
16-8-2014 at 23:29
by: confused
Respirator Mask that fits comfortably over glasses?
yeah, but if all that being worked with is irritent powdered reagents, all that's needed would be an ...
16-8-2014 at 02:45
by: confused
Clorox Bleach and Hair: What reaction takes place?

bleaching of hair using hydrogen peroxide and othe oxidising agents

http://journal.scconline.or ...
16-8-2014 at 00:42
by: confused
Respirator Mask that fits comfortably over glasses?
i usually forgo glasses when using my full face respirator.

You might be able to use a half face ...
16-8-2014 at 00:31
by: confused
RC boat fight.
shaped charge on a stick, attached to your RC craft :P

stick it on, have a small spool of wire to ...
4-8-2014 at 18:12
by: confused
What do you do to prevent yourself from chemicals?
living in an apartment in a country with many restrictions on chemical reagents isn't making me very ...
17-7-2014 at 20:14
by: confused
Whats the most dangerous chemical you've ever synthesized?
From what i know, the absorption of WP can cause hyperphosphatemia which leads to hypocalcemia, and ...
14-5-2014 at 04:49
by: confused
how to get pH of colored solution
dilute it slightly before using a pH meter?

it shouldn't affect the pH that much
then wash the e ...
23-4-2014 at 15:22
by: confused
Pretty Pictures (2)
Nice, Im guessing the green is GFP. :D
Whats the blue and red protein?
19-4-2014 at 23:06
by: confused
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