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UK supply
Can't believe, did a quick search on google and have found a company a mile away that supplies chems ...
15-7-2011 at 02:16
by: kryss
determining type of ore
Have a look at some mineralogy website that will probably help, things like hardness are relatively ...
12-7-2011 at 17:08
by: kryss
A question to educators about Potential Energy
The ball thing was done by Brian Cox in the BBC's "Wonders of the Universe" where he held pendulum w ...
11-7-2011 at 18:44
by: kryss
Ammonium Nitrate for fertilizer
Off hand I don't think there should be much heat generated, I would think your biggest problem would ...
8-7-2011 at 16:14
by: kryss
gold from E-waste
You ned to be careful if heating - in places like china they sort of stir fry them and all the volat ...
11-2-2006 at 08:00
by: kryss
Sodium Silicate based coating
try heating it the silicate should polymerise, the degree depending on the amount of heat.
21-12-2005 at 11:27
by: kryss
bomb making etc
My contribution to this discussion is that here - in Northern Ireland - to a large extent its easier ...
16-10-2005 at 12:15
by: kryss
Growing potassium nitrate KNO3 crystals
Have you tried modifying the solvent eg using 10% alcohol?
24-9-2005 at 04:54
by: kryss
Test tubes vs. Culture tubes
Make sure you get autoclavable ones they'll withstand stress better. I think the reason they wo ...
8-4-2005 at 05:09
by: kryss
New Easy Way to Phosphorous!
Good one best april Fools Ive seen. Def taking the piss as it were! Have you guys any idea what cat ...
2-4-2005 at 14:46
by: kryss
NH4SO4 Decomp
We dry amm sulphate in an oven at 105 degs C , its a primary standard it doesnt decompose until much ...
27-3-2005 at 07:43
by: kryss
Aluminium & Iodine
This is impressive too, we did it at school years ago - you can grind them up together then nothing ...
27-3-2005 at 05:48
by: kryss
Removing stainless steel lining from copper cookware
Best idea is the Copper Sulphate one - add some HCl as well that will def corrode the stainless stee ...
18-3-2005 at 11:25
by: kryss
wax tools
As well as using ordinary wax you could try wrapping in glass fibre or using as a mould for resin it ...
2-1-2005 at 16:35
by: kryss
Bromine Source and Synthesis
The easiest way of making Br2/Cl2/I2 from the halides is by mixing a solution with MnO2, then adding ...
2-1-2005 at 16:33
by: kryss
how to produce Cu2O at home
Instead of using glucose or fructose as a reductant you might be able to use ordinary sugar and caus ...
2-1-2005 at 16:19
by: kryss
making 100% h2o2 from cleaner
If you want H2O2 stronger than 30% your only going to get it by vacuum distillation which needless ...
2-1-2005 at 16:08
by: kryss
Seperating C and MnO2
I'd go with air roasting tho that might turn your MnO2 into Mn3O4 as welll
26-12-2004 at 11:50
by: kryss
atmospheric combustion of Al (foil)
Cleaning it with mercurys the best way - you could try dipping in a solution of Mercuric Chloride - ...
3-10-2004 at 12:33
by: kryss
Slightly off topic
If your putting these kind of solutions anywhere near a printer be aware that the most corrosive com ...
4-7-2004 at 15:45
by: kryss
Kryss, it is true that hypochlorites disproportionate into chloride and chlorate BY THEMSELVES, but ...
4-7-2004 at 15:40
by: kryss
Trilobite your getting mixed up hypochlorite disproportioates into chlorate not perchlorate! Hence i ...
3-7-2004 at 01:24
by: kryss
All gold, all elements after Iron are produced by nucleosynthesis!

16-6-2004 at 14:38
by: kryss
Was in the colour of Copper sulphate to begin with?

Maybe it had ammonia in that intensifies the ...
16-6-2004 at 14:34
by: kryss
FTP Server #2
Ws anyone ever able to log into the old pyro archive at denver - something like ftp.paradox.denver - ...
10-6-2004 at 12:56
by: kryss
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