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Coronavirus pandemic model
Understood. I will add that the best way to
analyze any model's faithfulness to reality is by
mak ...
13-4-2020 at 22:10
by: sodium_stearate
It's all seriously cooked data
The only, and let me repeat THE ONLY data
about this debacle that is not being cooked
is the total ...
13-4-2020 at 15:56
by: sodium_stearate
I'm scared
[rquote=632065&tid=154952&author=Chemi Pharma][rquote=631854&tid=154952&author=sodiu ...
4-3-2020 at 08:08
by: sodium_stearate
Scary Stuff
I am scared too. All of this talk about kitchen axes
and cutting omlettes. Very scary!:o
29-2-2020 at 10:29
by: sodium_stearate
off topic stuff now
Why all of the "off topic" stuff all of a sudden?
The O.P. originally asked about the relative lega ...
4-2-2020 at 07:24
by: sodium_stearate
Well they sure put Zyklon B to good use
in Germany in the early 1940s! What with all
of those na ...
3-2-2020 at 15:45
by: sodium_stearate
Zyklon B
Try getting some of that and watch what happens! :D
2-2-2020 at 11:37
by: sodium_stearate
Dain Bramage
What would happen if these samples were tested
by an independent lab, by qualified research chemist ...
26-1-2020 at 13:50
by: sodium_stearate
This is turning into a KEWL place!

Great. Go to burning man. Get stoned out of your mind
and f ...
26-1-2020 at 11:32
by: sodium_stearate
Big TC
My version of the Popular Science's "Big TC" was
built on a 24 x 48 inch base made from 3/4 inch pl ...
18-1-2020 at 03:18
by: sodium_stearate
Big TC
There is a truly great article which was published
in the July, 1964 edition of Popular Electronics ...
17-1-2020 at 07:51
by: sodium_stearate
I recommend the tesla coil science project
Yep. Tesla coils are a lot of fun!
The modern versions all seem to use semiconductors
of some sor ...
16-1-2020 at 10:26
by: sodium_stearate
"Hey yer Honor Man...."
I only did acid like 22 times....

Ah, twice.:D
13-1-2020 at 18:26
by: sodium_stearate
electronic crap
It's fucked up.

Get a different one.

All this modern electronic crap is so cheaply
made, that ...
13-1-2020 at 09:08
by: sodium_stearate
contaminated stuff
If it was made in a proper lab, using properly
pure and unadulterated ingredients, and performed
b ...
12-1-2020 at 17:49
by: sodium_stearate
street drugs
The simple answer is that anyone can make anything
and sell it named whatever they want.

There i ...
12-1-2020 at 14:24
by: sodium_stearate
what is wrong with it?
Maybe it's because it's being cooked
somewhere in a garage, in a garbage can lid.
12-1-2020 at 12:27
by: sodium_stearate
quack "Doctors"
My take on it is that for every real doctor out there,
there are at least a dozen or more quacks.
10-1-2020 at 06:17
by: sodium_stearate
Get High!
Arkoma, well said!

You obviously KNOW what works for you.
That's great so go with it.

For mys ...
28-12-2019 at 04:59
by: sodium_stearate
A Clear Mind
I stopped using alcohol and cannabis over 30 years ago.

The reason I stopped using both of those
25-12-2019 at 16:53
by: sodium_stearate
airport security
It's a pure dog-and-pony show.

Total B.S. as far as I see it.

Anyone with any sort of inclinat ...
23-12-2019 at 08:14
by: sodium_stearate
One thing about sharing information:

If it's not necessary, then avoid it.

10-12-2019 at 09:12
by: sodium_stearate
Lots of talk in a circle.
9-12-2019 at 16:53
by: sodium_stearate
ceramic ic package
It's all good....

I was just being snarky because your post
is about decapping plastic-packaged ...
3-12-2019 at 07:35
by: sodium_stearate
Dissolving plastic/epoxy case of integrated circuit w/o dissolving metal leads
Haha! Nice pic of the ceramic packages on those
eproms. :cool:
2-12-2019 at 10:22
by: sodium_stearate
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