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Dissolving Metal Reductions of Aromatic Nitro Groups
Mechanics of them of course. Here is another part of that once-to-be-posted writeup.

[b]The Mecha ...
4-10-2002 at 17:06
by: PrimoPyro
Mechanics of Aromatic Diazotization (with diagrams!)

Um is everyone? This was meant to be part of a much longer post, that I had inte ...
4-10-2002 at 16:45
by: PrimoPyro
Its a simple Friedel-Crafts reaction in which the methyl group on toluene gets scrambled onto other ...
27-9-2002 at 09:09
by: PrimoPyro
Easier way for benzene
You can also use AlI3 instead of AlCl3 as the Friedel-Crafts catalyst for that reaction.

The prod ...
27-9-2002 at 04:34
by: PrimoPyro
Oh Yeah
I keep forgetting stuff.

As for the propionic acid, well I'm going to have to keep thinking on th ...
26-9-2002 at 10:51
by: PrimoPyro
Glycerol to Propionic Acid: A Chemical Safari Tour.
[quote]I wonder here what effect (relative to the other carbons) the oxygen has. Don't the other two ...
26-9-2002 at 10:43
by: PrimoPyro
The title should of course be Glycerol to Acrolein, not Propionic Acid. I had changed my idea for a ...
26-9-2002 at 06:30
by: PrimoPyro
Glycerol to Propionic Acid: A Chemical Safari Tour.
Hi. :)

As a prelude to my next thread series (coming soon), here is an example of a simple reacti ...
26-9-2002 at 06:28
by: PrimoPyro
Very Hard
Without PCl3 or PCl5, very hard.
25-9-2002 at 18:29
by: PrimoPyro
H2SO4 will dehydrate NH4NO3 to water and N2O unless the reactants are solvated in water, in which ca ...
23-9-2002 at 04:43
by: PrimoPyro
That Reaction is incorrect
That last reaction does not happen.
22-9-2002 at 10:13
by: PrimoPyro
The naphthalene system is highly aromatic, and all electrons are delocalized. The ring is not going ...
22-9-2002 at 04:45
by: PrimoPyro
Excuse me, but maybe this will explain something:

[i][b]Hydrogen Fluoride:[/b] A colorless liquid ...
22-9-2002 at 04:41
by: PrimoPyro
Glad you proposed that.
Vulture, Im glad you brought that up. I had planned to before I saw your post.

Firstly, do not el ...
22-9-2002 at 04:35
by: PrimoPyro
Organic VS. Inorganic
I have noticed that organic chemistry has slightly different definitions of certain things than inor ...
22-9-2002 at 04:24
by: PrimoPyro
Oh man.......
This is getting so hard. It's just unreal lol. Im sure madscientist or SOMEONE knows what I mean, bu ...
21-9-2002 at 18:23
by: PrimoPyro
Pot calls the kettle black, dont you think?
Us, not having friends, and having no life?

Is this some kind of hypocritical irony display?

T ...
21-9-2002 at 04:13
by: PrimoPyro
Dudes..........come on now, do you all love the hard ways or what?
The simplest way to make acetaldehyde with little byproducts is simple treatment of ethylene glycol ...
21-9-2002 at 04:06
by: PrimoPyro
Ammonium Sulfate --> Ammonium Hydrogensulfate
Hello. Please excuse this extremely base question, but my inorganic chemistry skills are a little la ...
20-9-2002 at 06:19
by: PrimoPyro
Basic Conditions Required
The haloform requires basic conditions. It occurs poorly to a minor degree in neutral conditions, bu ...
19-9-2002 at 03:51
by: PrimoPyro
Wrong Forum
This topic is posted in the wrong place. This forum is for discussions regarding the Mad Science bul ...
18-9-2002 at 03:54
by: PrimoPyro
Not Anymore
It isn't anymore, at least for me.
17-9-2002 at 05:00
by: PrimoPyro
Thank you.

I guess the only way to test it's stability to is to run a test reaction.

17-9-2002 at 04:58
by: PrimoPyro
Terphthalate Plastic
H2SO4 definitely eats certain plastics, it all depends on which kind. Terphthalate plastics (like co ...
17-9-2002 at 03:42
by: PrimoPyro
Such a brave soul......
If you are this brave, perhaps you would be interested in diazotizing melamine with 3NaNO2 + 6HCN, f ...
16-9-2002 at 18:14
by: PrimoPyro
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