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looking around here in this board is a good start.
to maximize your success you could try also look ...
9-12-2021 at 18:48
by: Ubya
A high-temperature mini-furnace for temperatures above 2000 C.

i have no idea the temperature that could be reached ...
9-12-2021 at 18:41
by: Ubya
400W 8A Adjustable Power Supply with WIFI
O ...
9-12-2021 at 18:22
by: Ubya
Receiving items from overseas
Strong scent and the appearence of loose ground leaves.
They might have thought your package was we ...
7-12-2021 at 05:47
by: Ubya
Vacuum pump for distillation etc.
What kind of pump oil are you using?
Usually vacuum pump oils are sensitive to moisture, so even no ...
7-12-2021 at 05:40
by: Ubya
Chemical demonstration: accurate wind direction detection with tert-butanol
Couple that with a storm bottle and you have a nearly complete weather station.

Glacial acetic ac ...
6-12-2021 at 05:30
by: Ubya
400W 8A Adjustable Power Supply with WIFI

On a some what related subject, I will soon b ...
6-12-2021 at 05:25
by: Ubya
400W 8A Adjustable Power Supply with WIFI
The wifi interface is definately a twist i haven't ever seen yet on these kind of chinese modules.
6-12-2021 at 00:41
by: Ubya
Lab supply company going out of business
Damn, as always i'm pretty envy. Here if a business goes out of business very rarely it will sell it ...
6-12-2021 at 00:23
by: Ubya
Forgotten synthesis of rubies in an electric arc furnace by genius Henry Moissan.
I see many different takes on making rubies, i'd go with with the verneuil method for nice single cr ...
25-11-2021 at 18:08
by: Ubya
What happened to NileRed, NurdRage, Chemplayer and Doug?
About NileRed, it is just a behaviour i noticed in many channels.
They start small, gather a nice n ...
19-11-2021 at 04:45
by: Ubya
Quartz tubes (140mm x 13mm) from halogen lamp -also with tungsten element running through it - ketene lamp maybe?
[rquote=648727&tid=74594&author=Fluorite]Quick Google search I think there's a "ceramic" coa ...
9-11-2020 at 14:45
by: Ubya
Do you know chemicals by their smell?
well after a while you get used to the chemicals you use, like every girl can recognize the smell of ...
8-11-2020 at 07:18
by: Ubya
Sodium Metal Production Idea
you can't really lower the reaction temperature, adding a heatsink to the container walls will conde ...
5-11-2020 at 14:17
by: Ubya
DIY condenser
[rquote=648307&tid=23388&author=Fluorite]I love it *•* I can buy a big neon light tube may ...
5-11-2020 at 14:13
by: Ubya
Ion exchange membrane, chlorine generator
i tried looking for an ion exchange membrane (Nafion i think) a few years ago, but it wasn't cheap a ...
4-11-2020 at 15:18
by: Ubya
Calcium carbonate and ammonium nitrate
[quote]how complicated is it to make calcium nitrate and ammonium carbonate from CaCO3 and NH4NO3? [ ...
4-11-2020 at 01:11
by: Ubya
Eye-opening lab seizure
[quote]None of the materials found at 81 Fremont St. posed a radiological or biological risk, accord ...
4-11-2020 at 00:52
by: Ubya
Happy half million posts to sciencemadness
[rquote=648150&tid=156465&author=j_sum1]Half a million posts on an amatuer chem board – I ...
3-11-2020 at 16:01
by: Ubya
Liquid Nitrogen generator
[rquote=648043&tid=58712&author=teodor]Thanks Ubya, I will definitely follow offers for a us ...
3-11-2020 at 10:29
by: Ubya
Liquid Nitrogen generator
[rquote=648010&tid=58712&author=teodor]So, what is the most affordable method to produce sma ...
2-11-2020 at 10:11
by: Ubya
What are some interesting uses for lithium metal
if i remember correctly there was a old post of someone succesfully making lithium hydride from lith ...
1-11-2020 at 07:02
by: Ubya
Diamonds from CO2
using that reaction to make the feed material for a diamond growing process is, unnecessary at the m ...
31-10-2020 at 16:19
by: Ubya
Quality Glassware breaking Easy by Cold Air! How to Avoid this?
before using any new piece of glassware i check for stress in the glass.
you can do the same using ...
31-10-2020 at 16:13
by: Ubya
Bread + ozone
probably the surface might be a bit oxidized, but it should't be harmful
just don't let food in con ...
31-10-2020 at 09:48
by: Ubya
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