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Making Iron Oxide By Electrolysis Using Iron Nails As Electrodes
In order to make thermite, you cannot use hydrated iron-oxide, which will be made using this process ...
3-3-2017 at 13:01
by: Acidum
Bad Habits In The Lab
My first bad habit is to leave stuff unfinished and not packed because I have no suitable conditions ...
12-12-2015 at 09:00
by: Acidum
Synthesis of Natural Smells
[rquote=430533&tid=64584&author=ScienceBum]Ah thanks guys, I appreciate that :) Just out of ...
10-12-2015 at 12:37
by: Acidum
Science equipment looking for a home
Can't seem to find info - Has anyone from Europe tried to buy from Dr.Bob? I am interested in shippi ...
7-12-2015 at 12:18
by: Acidum
Storing con. HNO3 and other jewels
By far, this is THE best solution (no pun intended) for storing of acids that I have seen (excluding ...
27-2-2014 at 10:29
by: Acidum
Organometallic Chemistry
First - Organometallic chemistry, as interesting as it is, does not need subforum, as it is perfectl ...
24-2-2014 at 13:14
by: Acidum
Geology/Geochemistry forum [POLL]
I am definitely for Geology/Mineralogy subforum.

Consider simple fact - this is amateur science f ...
2-9-2013 at 09:27
by: Acidum
Purification of phosphorus -- treatment of WP burns
Endi and Pyro, excellent work!

Could you two make a publication article about this? It may go to ...
15-8-2013 at 12:39
by: Acidum
Decent price on cork rings for RBF?
Friend of mine took hard cardboard cylindrical box of some whiskey, and cut it in several "rings" of ...
12-8-2013 at 07:11
by: Acidum
Mantle or hotplace & stirrer for first heating device?
Mostly we used heating mantle for distillations of greater amounts of organic solvents (1-5 l), and ...
10-8-2013 at 03:20
by: Acidum
Chromatotron - radial chromatography.
Why is it tilted? I mean the disk.
23-7-2013 at 10:31
by: Acidum
Drinking Heavy Water (D2O)
About mice experiment, you said they have been drinking more heavy water than usual, most likely bec ...
20-7-2013 at 13:07
by: Acidum
Where do I start?
Get some basic OTC stuff, like acetic acid and other stuff mentioned before. Also, visit pharmacy fo ...
20-7-2013 at 12:52
by: Acidum
Butyric acid from butanol & KMnO4
First thing - KMnO[sub]4[/sub] is very powerful oxidizer, and it also has several levels of oxidizin ...
20-7-2013 at 12:33
by: Acidum
Pure Gasses You Can Make... Any Ideas?
So, killing butterflies is wrong, and killing ants and even entire ant colonies is ok? Well, then I ...
20-7-2013 at 12:05
by: Acidum
"Coating" of phosphors (glow in the dark powders) for water compatibility?
"Coated for water compatibility" - imagine very fine bead-like particles of your phosphor, that are ...
9-7-2013 at 13:24
by: Acidum
Real chemistry is dying out, why?
Depends on your lab setup.
Usually good starting point is around 100-500 mg.
During my graduation ...
9-7-2013 at 13:03
by: Acidum
Health supplements: taurine and MSM interesting for home chemistry?
Also, taurin doesn't have OH groups either. It has SO[sub]3[/sub]H, CH[sub]2[/sub] and NH[sub]2[/sub ...
9-7-2013 at 12:39
by: Acidum
Preparation of ferrofluids
[rquote=291154&tid=21640&author=math]...or could I for example just play really loud a 40kHz ...
9-7-2013 at 12:35
by: Acidum
Alternative Iodine Isolation
[rquote=291074&tid=24862&author=APO]I have toluene, could that work?[/rquote]

Well, with ...
7-7-2013 at 04:05
by: Acidum
Bad days in the lab or with glassware?
[rquote=289761&tid=13214&author=sargent1015][rquote=289581&tid=13214&author=sargent1 ...
5-7-2013 at 12:25
by: Acidum
Laboy alternatives
I would really like (and I do not think that anybody else would complain) if someone could expand th ...
5-7-2013 at 12:07
by: Acidum
Copper(II) Aspirinate Synthesis
Very nice, interesting and inspiring articles! (referring to this one [u]and[/u] Cu(II) related)

27-6-2013 at 11:43
by: Acidum
Titration exponent, pI...?

I read p[i]I[/i] in paw's post as "p f ...
12-5-2013 at 09:45
by: Acidum
Titration exponent, pI...?
pI stands for "isoelectric point".

Most prominent examples are amino acids, and pH value at which ...
12-5-2013 at 04:29
by: Acidum
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