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Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
Thank you Mr. Rik!

Symboom, from some papers I've found online it looks like the compound Quercet ...
6-5-2021 at 13:00
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
Fascinating post, thanks!

I have an idea now to try and obtain a histamine antagonist found in o ...
5-5-2021 at 11:59
by: Aloesci
What Fritted Disk Pore Size to Select for Filtrations?
My buchner funnels have sintered disks with a porosity of 'Grade 3' which means that it has pores 15 ...
3-5-2021 at 10:20
by: Aloesci
Medicinal Compounds of Natural Origin
I'm interested in pharmacology and I've been starting by extracting compounds from natural sources w ...
3-5-2021 at 09:49
by: Aloesci
Insulin from the Cod Fish
I love to think just how the conversation went when Mr Graham approached a bunch of fishermen and as ...
17-4-2021 at 22:41
by: Aloesci
Problem boiling down sulfuric acid
OP also mentioned the problem of the Sulfuric Acid / SO3? fumes which start to come off well before ...
2-4-2021 at 17:35
by: Aloesci
Nitric oxide/antiviral nose spray for COVID-19
I think this is a really quite interesting idea for a medical product. It has an active chemical rea ...
22-3-2021 at 16:12
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
If anyone is curious i managed to extract some very crude menthol from some mint, and i made a video ...
22-3-2021 at 14:08
by: Aloesci
Hello & Equipment Questions...
You might consider getting a Burette and Volumetric flask(s) to determine concentrations of acids an ...
12-3-2021 at 07:25
by: Aloesci
Condenser heating up during hydrosdistillation
Im not going to mention cooling and pumping your water because everyone else has, but i have this to ...
3-3-2021 at 08:16
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
Thanks Antigua, Fyndium and mackolol for the information about CaCl2! I have a bunch of it from some ...
2-3-2021 at 12:16
by: Aloesci
Future chemistry
I think that we will have good carbon capture technology to fix some of those problems in the future ...
2-3-2021 at 08:04
by: Aloesci
Cold and Minty
I'm experimenting with making some menthol crystals from peppermint oil I've distilled.
Industriall ...
2-3-2021 at 03:18
by: Aloesci
What is white spirit?
I live in the UK and I've also experienced the pure disappointment of searching a product label for ...
17-2-2021 at 15:21
by: Aloesci
Distillation of Flammable substances with an open flame
Its definitely way safer to get a hotplate when dealing with easily flammable substances.
It just m ...
17-2-2021 at 14:59
by: Aloesci
UK sulphuric acid
You can get car battery acid online in the UK with a Sg of 1.26 which makes it ~35% sulphuric with n ...
11-2-2021 at 08:26
by: Aloesci
He vs H
If i remember correctly, 1 mole of a gas fills about 22L of volume at 1atm, regardless of it's Mr/Ar ...
11-2-2021 at 08:06
by: Aloesci

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