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Your thinking is very idealistic. Nothing changed, all the suppliers keep selling these barely legal ...
11-10-2021 at 04:28
by: Antigua
Sale of chemical reagents
Reminding that 2,4-dinitrophenol is deadly if used as what it's infamous for (J Med Toxicol. 7 (3): ...
20-9-2021 at 04:26
by: Antigua
Quantitative analysis of aldehydes
Tollens test and check the weight of silver precipitated. Or bisulfite adduct and calculate on it's ...
6-8-2021 at 04:05
by: Antigua
Why don't electrons lose energy when revolving?
Your presumption is wrong. Throw a ball into space and... it'll never stop going forward unless some ...
5-7-2021 at 08:18
by: Antigua
1,2-Methylenedioxybenzene from Sesamol(4-Hydroxy-1,2-Methylenedioxybenzene). Tosylation and reduction?
Why not just go for catechol methylenation...? Proven, good yields.
Catechol can be prepared from s ...
30-6-2021 at 06:10
by: Antigua
oil from unknown algae, arachidonic acid
[rquote=662228&tid=157632&author=Tsjerk]16S ribosomal DNA sequencing is the first thing that ...
27-6-2021 at 03:49
by: Antigua
Improved Purification Procedure Decarboxylation of L-tryptophan to Tryptamine with Benzoate salt
The same as with any other amine salt. Drip it into a stirring solution of somewhat dilute sodium hy ...
16-6-2021 at 05:37
by: Antigua
Nitric Acid
Yes - you can concentrate HNO3 up to 68%. At this concentration it's going to form what's called an ...
15-6-2021 at 08:23
by: Antigua
Preparation of 5-dimethoxy-phenylethylamine
You didn't really read the document, did you?
This is just a Wolff-Kischner reaction you showed us ...
12-6-2021 at 08:00
by: Antigua
Anhydrous Conditions
1. Oven dry and then flame dry the glassware. You'd be surprised how much water can cling to the gla ...
17-5-2021 at 13:56
by: Antigua
How to mix cocoa powder with sugar and milk?
Lol...I get what you mean. It's most convenient to first suspend the cocoa powder in milk and then s ...
13-5-2021 at 09:42
by: Antigua
RFNA and Vacuum Distillation of H2SO4
Yes, it's a good idea as long as your pump can resist sulfuric acid or you have a cold trap or other ...
29-4-2021 at 01:17
by: Antigua
Formaldehyde bisulfite adduct preparation
A nice addition to this topic:
75g of sodium sulfite (Na[sub]2[/sub]SO[sub]3[/sub]) was slushed up ...
28-4-2021 at 13:37
by: Antigua
A Note on the Synthesis of 3-Nitrophthalic Acid
I wish you posted this 2 years ago, haha! I used to have a lot of trouble with this reaction. But it ...
24-4-2021 at 02:50
by: Antigua
Methyl iodide (iodomethane) woes (Red P method)
I'd say - first evaporate as much of the MeOH as possible and then crash out with cold water. Will g ...
24-4-2021 at 01:46
by: Antigua
Methyl iodide (iodomethane) woes (Red P method)
And why did you expect 70ml? That's 0.88 moles and you used 0.3 mol iodine (in the end 0.6mol of met ...
23-4-2021 at 12:05
by: Antigua
Determining the Concentration of Dimethylamine in Anhydrous Ethanol
Yup, karlos is right, titration will suffice actually. If you do it carefully and with low concentra ...
18-4-2021 at 14:15
by: Antigua
Determining the Concentration of Dimethylamine in Anhydrous Ethanol
Yes. You can prepare anhydrous HCl by slowly dripping conc. HCl into conc. sulfuric acid and passing ...
18-4-2021 at 14:08
by: Antigua
Determining the Concentration of Dimethylamine in Anhydrous Ethanol
Did you consider salting out the amine with anh. HCl and then evaporating all the ethanol to see how ...
18-4-2021 at 13:25
by: Antigua
Has anyone smelled hydrazoic acid?How does it smell like?Is it worse than chlorine,ozone and nitrogen dioxide?
No, not at all. SO2 has a very "penetrating" and sort of sweet, but disgusting in larger concentrati ...
18-4-2021 at 07:54
by: Antigua
What is happening at Deschem?
Of course their COVID situation is thousends times worse than what the official numbers are. 10 case ...
15-4-2021 at 08:33
by: Antigua
Alcohol 99,9%
You should contact the producer and your local consumer ombudsman about this.
8-4-2021 at 07:58
by: Antigua
Got a new RotoVap!
Looks cool. How much was it?
2-4-2021 at 06:28
by: Antigua
The Sciencemadness Index
Indexes like this already exist... chemiru, PubChem and ChemSpider all list solubilities in differen ...
30-3-2021 at 23:46
by: Antigua
24/40, 24/29, 29/32, what is the best?
I highly advise you to get some 24 to 29 and 29 to 24 adapters. They are very cheap and they solve a ...
28-3-2021 at 09:26
by: Antigua
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