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Xylene - Please Help
Just type in xylene MSDS ... OR CALL 911 or poison control (411 if you dont know the # ask for poiso ...
1-3-2012 at 11:58
by: Art&Dreams
Glassware is so expensive need help
Great deals on ebay EVERYWHERE.
as long as your not doing anything (majorly) illegal then you shoul ...
29-2-2012 at 09:15
by: Art&Dreams
I do :)
I have one. :)

Along with just about everything else.

28-2-2012 at 11:08
by: Art&Dreams
nasty klean strip

* I just distill once to remove all the gunk.. (It will totally mess up your flask it took forev ...
27-2-2012 at 13:35
by: Art&Dreams
This is how it turned out.. I know there is no way for you guys to actually tell over a picture but ...
27-2-2012 at 12:59
by: Art&Dreams
p-benzoquinone HELP!!!
[rquote=238657&tid=14232&author=Magic Muzzlet]It is either iodine or quinhydrone.
If you do ...
27-2-2012 at 12:06
by: Art&Dreams
p-benzoquinone HELP!!!
Question, This is my first post and I know that this is a older topic.

Peaches pic synth. has w ...
27-2-2012 at 11:12
by: Art&Dreams

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