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Energetic material video review
I found the vid informative, thanks!
3-10-2013 at 20:39
by: CaliusOptimus
Detonator Casings
0.253" ID x 9/32" OD aluminum 3003 tubing is imo a perfect choice for caps. It is soft enough to for ...
24-9-2013 at 11:02
by: CaliusOptimus
I have officially quit organic peroxides
Cool story bro.
31-8-2013 at 09:21
by: CaliusOptimus
pearlescent ETN?
Just a friendly heads up... that ETN is rather impure and won't be storage stable. Recrystallized fr ...
17-8-2013 at 17:44
by: CaliusOptimus
Why is FP louder than fast detonation?
I believe this has to do with the duration of the pressure wave. Contained flash powder explodes muc ...
1-8-2013 at 11:04
by: CaliusOptimus
golfpro's Nitric Acid for Beginners
Careful with that silver nitrate, it stains everything... and you won't know it until a week later!
26-7-2013 at 11:06
by: CaliusOptimus
Best tubing for chemistry
For all of you who have trouble finding tubing, look no further than

I've found 1/4 ...
18-7-2013 at 23:54
by: CaliusOptimus
NitricSynth HE Salute
I've talked to the guy that made the 13g ETN vid. He made a lot of those, but was never able to get ...
10-6-2013 at 10:42
by: CaliusOptimus
NitricSynth HE Salute
The NPED is touchy. The burn rate of the Si/KNO3 mix is critical, and the type of Al used can make a ...
7-6-2013 at 17:02
by: CaliusOptimus
Industrial Parts Washing Solutions
I'm looking for a reasonably cheap way to make a large amount of parts washing solution for a parts ...
1-6-2013 at 11:20
by: CaliusOptimus
5+ liter vacuum distillation
The answers to your questions depend entirely on what it is that you plan to distill.

What temp?
5-5-2013 at 21:23
by: CaliusOptimus
5$ ball mill tutorial
Awwww that's cuuute!

If you just want to give the whole concept a try, then yeah, cool idea! But ...
30-4-2013 at 17:28
by: CaliusOptimus
HMX/RDX Procedures?
The most best method is found via TFSE.
30-4-2013 at 17:14
by: CaliusOptimus
Homemade stands
24-4-2013 at 16:49
by: CaliusOptimus
DJ's suspended due to the "hazards" of DHMO
Seeing people panic over the ol' dihydrogen monoxide joke never gets old!
16-4-2013 at 22:44
by: CaliusOptimus
poor yields?
The best product come from the cleanest nitration mix. H2SO4 + a nitrate salt tends to have a notice ...
7-4-2013 at 09:13
by: CaliusOptimus
Ampoule from Glass Tubing
30-3-2013 at 10:22
by: CaliusOptimus
Ampoule from Glass Tubing
[rquote=279453&tid=23829&author=Endimion17]No, it's either too expensive here, or simply har ...
30-3-2013 at 09:47
by: CaliusOptimus
Ampoule from Glass Tubing
Ampoules are pretty simple lampworking...

Condense the end of the tube shut, pull off any excess ...
29-3-2013 at 17:57
by: CaliusOptimus
TNT without sulfuric acid?
[rquote=276544&tid=23542&author=Ral123]Imagine molten metal. [/rquote]

I can vouch for th ...
1-3-2013 at 21:46
by: CaliusOptimus
MkIII Terpenator: DIY assisted extraction unit
That's a clever setup! Does the recovery pump use oil? My only concern with this setup would be oil ...
27-2-2013 at 00:11
by: CaliusOptimus
DIY Alcohol Fractionating Still
I have just one question:

Did your 'shine taste like hash oil? :-D

In all seriousness, nic ...
26-2-2013 at 20:05
by: CaliusOptimus
Zirconium Powder @ Skylighter
Just figured I'd let you all know about an unusual deal from a reliable (and very marked up) supplie ...
22-2-2013 at 21:59
by: CaliusOptimus
ETN used as a primary?
[rquote=274946&tid=23386&author=Motherload]I'd rather press LA or better Nickel Hydrazinium ...
15-2-2013 at 23:56
by: CaliusOptimus
ETN used as a primary?
Redundant post.

[Edited on 16-2-2013 by CaliusOptimus]
15-2-2013 at 21:07
by: CaliusOptimus
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