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Another OTC argon
There is also another retail source of argon, five nines

You don't ge ...
8-10-2018 at 19:38
by: CaptainPike
Attempting anhydrous ethanol with CaO


I finally tried anhydrous copper su ...
14-9-2018 at 10:19
by: CaptainPike
"Healthy" drink tasting FOUL!!
Not sure where this belongs.

I suffer from chronic urinary tract infections, UTI. To combat this, ...
2-8-2018 at 15:25
by: CaptainPike
Laws regulating chemicals for a tiny home lab
Good stuff, this thread.

I out right inquired of a friendly-neighborhood-chemical-supplier, "do y ...
2-8-2018 at 12:47
by: CaptainPike
Synthesis of Hexane from Cellulose/Glucose
Fractionate some naphtha? This I have done, if you live in the US you can get it at any hardware sto ...
2-6-2018 at 19:14
by: CaptainPike
Foiled by Canadian Tire(in a minor way)
I'm more interested in what the thread title must've been…

Back in high school, before I knew a ...
6-6-2017 at 15:03
by: CaptainPike
Bottling hcl gas?
I thought of another "ghetto gas cylinder", which might be appropriate for HCl.

Cans of starting ...
3-9-2016 at 08:47
by: CaptainPike
Chemomix - The chemistry kitchen robot
this is an idea I had a long time ago. And I guess I'm reinventing the wheel here but (plus I'm a h ...
31-8-2016 at 14:58
by: CaptainPike
Fume Hood Construction
WOW – you guys are like – have your SHITE TOGETHER!!

I thought my idea of putting an old box ...
23-7-2016 at 10:08
by: CaptainPike
unexpected biphasic mother liquor
Sorry for the confusion. See the [url= ...
20-7-2016 at 17:40
by: CaptainPike
unexpected biphasic mother liquor
After re-crystallizing some beta nitro styrenes, using petroleum ether (hardware store naphtha) the ...
20-7-2016 at 09:05
by: CaptainPike
Hot Filtration
I'm getting better at using a technique I read about somewhere (great reference, huh). And this may ...
15-7-2016 at 09:37
by: CaptainPike
Bottling hcl gas?

I recommend making a polyethylene bag and fill i ...
18-6-2016 at 12:23
by: CaptainPike
anhydrous ethanol
you mentioned you have CaO. This will be the perfect desiccant to use to move from the azeotropic (9 ...
18-6-2016 at 10:30
by: CaptainPike
help with mechanisms
will try this, thank you

then later (the next day):
there definitely precipitated a reddish, syr ...
18-5-2016 at 18:26
by: CaptainPike
help with mechanisms
I wish someone would help me to understand this often talked about, base catalyzed reaction between ...
17-5-2016 at 17:35
by: CaptainPike
Well Water Dynamics
Wow, thanks for the good info. I can't believe I didn't even UTFSE – probably the stomach cancer h ...
27-4-2016 at 13:26
by: CaptainPike
Well Water Dynamics
I understand that a common remedy to the occasionally "funky smelling" domestic water from an artesi ...
27-4-2016 at 08:59
by: CaptainPike
Salting out Methanol
Fractional Crystallization!
If only 10% water remains, try putting it in your freezer. The water ic ...
26-4-2016 at 10:52
by: CaptainPike
Selling my glassware
It's hard to get what some thing's "worth", when you're in a hurry:(

My meta-x-wife sold his car ...
21-4-2016 at 15:47
by: CaptainPike
solid sodium bisulfite? vs aqueous sodium pyrosulfite
…I'm reviving this old thread (obviously)

Because I'm really confused now. Most of the stuff ha ...
21-4-2016 at 15:12
by: CaptainPike
preparation of cinnamic acid from benzaldehyde
thank you for this. It only tends to prove the old adage: "if something seems too good to be true, i ...
12-4-2016 at 11:39
by: CaptainPike
Sodium Ethyl Sulfate
[rquote=54658&tid=1113&author=evil_lurker]That ain't a gem, thats... well almost as good as ...
19-3-2016 at 09:30
by: CaptainPike
… yeah but
[rquote=440000&tid=65348&author=Magpie]It's an adapter, 24/40 to 19/22.

[rquote=439966&am ...
26-2-2016 at 13:20
by: CaptainPike
Grignard successes and failures
I can't add to the expertise of this thread (you guys are smart). Just have a couple of questions @M ...
25-2-2016 at 16:57
by: CaptainPike
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