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Is there an interest of rare metals?
most metal prices can be found here -
10-2-2022 at 02:29
by: Cezium
inorganic particals come "alive" under the microscope
7-1-2022 at 04:50
by: Cezium
[rquote=597510&tid=123201&author=Blarglesworth]In order to detect Rb-87, you pretty much hav ...
18-11-2021 at 01:11
by: Cezium
Materials science of spore motors
Not exactly hygroscopic motor but during EANM18 I saw interesting presentation on molecular motors b ...
22-2-2021 at 05:49
by: Cezium
Making Glowing Radium Paint
Maybe try with UV light if it even glows at all, ZnS:Cu is quite sensitive to contaminants.
30-8-2020 at 13:15
by: Cezium
Catalalytic effects of radioactive decay
I wouldn't expect any secondary activation, it's not that easy - ...
17-8-2020 at 01:52
by: Cezium
Making Glowing Radium Paint
No sure if 10kBq of Ra is enough to glow... Maybe with some really good phosphor.
17-8-2020 at 01:16
by: Cezium
What is generally legal or illegal in Germany/EU?
sodium_stearate> surprisingly still in production under name "Uragan D2" - https://en.wikipedia.o ...
2-2-2020 at 23:18
by: Cezium
Looking for nitric acid in canada (refining)
Silver sulfate will precipitate so no, this is no go.

Ca(NO3)2 will probably work, but its gonna ...
6-10-2019 at 22:42
by: Cezium
LiOH broken bottle
I guess this one:
Old LiOH like this will be always cake ...
9-6-2019 at 22:27
by: Cezium
Advice on best bottles for 98% HNO3
23-5-2019 at 00:02
by: Cezium
Preparation of ionic phosphide from red P
From wiki:
2 NaH2PO2 → PH3 + Na2HPO4

I can obtain this locally at photographist store.
15-3-2019 at 08:30
by: Cezium
How to concentrate azeotropic HNO3?
as I stated before, you have to find something that likes water more than HNO3 likes water, and of c ...
6-3-2019 at 15:42
by: Cezium
How to concentrate azeotropic HNO3?
Nitrate + hydrogen sulfate salt destil works, but with lower yield and end up with hard to get out g ...
6-3-2019 at 15:10
by: Cezium
How to concentrate azeotropic HNO3?
Destil with something that likes water more than HNO3 :)
6-3-2019 at 07:12
by: Cezium
For sale Rubidium 99.99+% in glass ampoules (40mg, 200mg, 2g, 10g)
Have already collected most elements till U (+Am as smoke detector "pin").
Po as Firestone spark pl ...
9-1-2019 at 03:43
by: Cezium
Chemical anomalies in the public space.
Not exactly an energetic but KClO4 (brand name "Chlorigen") to block thyroid and CNS Na/I symporter. ...
7-11-2018 at 00:24
by: Cezium
Radioactive boy scout update....
Agreed with mr. Rogers, radiation (xrays) used to be treatment for acne in first half of 20th centur ...
13-8-2018 at 20:51
by: Cezium
I salvaged two decommissioned NaI(Tl) probes from my work and a driver planing to build XRF. As a Xr ...
5-6-2018 at 23:34
by: Cezium
neptunium> what is the source of xrays that you used?
30-5-2018 at 22:16
by: Cezium
Proper tubing for vacuum - what works best?
Used something like this and it is good enough, doesn't collapse even with two stage oil vacuum pump ...
11-1-2018 at 01:29
by: Cezium
IKA RET from 110V to 220V
This was kind of a Christmas project, bought used IKA RET from ebay for 100 usd plus shipping from U ...
2-1-2018 at 13:17
by: Cezium
Brownish orange powder during gold recovery
This looks like a gold, than it probably is gold. Approx. 2g after melting. Powder is bulky and more ...
19-12-2017 at 00:17
by: Cezium
Making an induction heater for fastener removal?
I have bought this ...
5-12-2017 at 01:34
by: Cezium
What some interesting dangerous chemicals?
I would rather not work with:
organometals (esp. Hg, Cd,..)
any Tl, Po, Pu compounds
methylating ...
13-11-2017 at 01:56
by: Cezium
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