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THF ( tetrahydrofuran)
I see 50,000 gallon rail cars filled with THF all the time, going west usually. Some friends of mine ...
20-8-2004 at 11:28
by: CommonScientist
Mad Science at the max, where do you draw the line?
Hmm, havnt thought about this, I guess I have. No nuclear shit, nerve agents, carcinogins, excessibe ...
7-8-2004 at 23:41
by: CommonScientist
Must Reads for the newbie?
I presume that most of these books are in Axehandle's FTP. I would get the ones that samsa ment ...
7-8-2004 at 14:49
by: CommonScientist
Endanger of being shut down?
Anyone notice that 'nbk' visits daily?

Assuming that your daily visitor counter is accu ...
6-8-2004 at 22:21
by: CommonScientist
Garage Experiments With Trichloromethane.
I followed Haggis' instructions, but used my beakers, and only 350ml of solution, and added 10m ...
6-8-2004 at 15:24
by: CommonScientist
Me and the FTP

Maybe tomorrow?
4-8-2004 at 23:48
by: CommonScientist
Endanger of being shut down?
Personally, this has got me freaked, but we should eb able to handel it.

If we know of members w ...
4-8-2004 at 15:13
by: CommonScientist
Extremly conductive materials
Iv4, what is your connection speed? bps? Mine is 444,000 bps with aol 7.0.

Maybe liquid oxygen ...
4-3-2004 at 11:25
by: CommonScientist
Processing chlorate cell electrolyte
Could ytou hand some KCLO3 by a string or wire into your electrolyte to form one big crystal? The el ...
4-3-2004 at 11:21
by: CommonScientist
Power Source
I used a 3A 12V battery charger. I have a IBM PC pwer supply, pics of my cell and power supplies htt ...
3-3-2004 at 20:27
by: CommonScientist
Purchasing chemicals and lab equipment on Ebay...
As I promised - The beakers were fine to my joy:cool:. They packaged them nicely- there was like 5 f ...
13-2-2004 at 16:17
by: CommonScientist
Where to Experiment?
"Another option is venting it into the bathroom with the fan running, drawing the fumes out the ...
9-2-2004 at 16:32
by: CommonScientist
Purchasing chemicals and lab equipment on Ebay...
I have just purchased 7 beakers off of ebay, and I will let you know if anything happened to them , ...
8-2-2004 at 19:56
by: CommonScientist

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