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Copper oxide
Thank you. it was Cu(l) oxide but Cu(ll) oxide could be usefull as well...
25-12-2018 at 20:04
by: Dragonjack12
What chemistry would you do with a 3 year's supply of bipolar meds?
A weeks worth of chemistry
25-12-2018 at 19:47
by: Dragonjack12
Gradual disintegration of metal thermite balls
I would guess the same thing happens with magnesium, but the magnesium is on fire. Is the aluminum p ...
25-12-2018 at 19:29
by: Dragonjack12
Copper oxide
Does anyone have a good synthesis of copper oxide besides heating up copper metal. :)
25-12-2018 at 19:21
by: Dragonjack12
My 2 neck flask is broken :(
3-12-2018 at 12:06
by: Dragonjack12
Cooking accusations from my school - story
Any up date.
28-11-2018 at 17:39
by: Dragonjack12
Kleen-Out Drain Opener 93% H2So4 7% H20?
Mi. Got this for my b day. It is insanely good. I titrated to 97%
23-11-2018 at 18:29
by: Dragonjack12
OTC High Concentration Hydrogen peroxide and other OTCs
[rquote=555537&tid=106478&author=JJay]Mine is nominally 34% "Alchemist" brand from a hydropo ...
23-11-2018 at 15:15
by: Dragonjack12
OTC High Concentration Hydrogen peroxide and other OTCs
[rquote=555532&tid=106478&author=VSEPR_VOID]You can get 10% peroxide as a pool chemical [/rq ...
23-11-2018 at 14:34
by: Dragonjack12
OTC High Concentration Hydrogen peroxide and other OTCs
Hey I know a lot of people don’t really have access to a good high concentration H2O2. Is there an ...
23-11-2018 at 14:26
by: Dragonjack12
They want to change the rules on consumer fireworks (USA)
Wait... you’re not supposed to make C6H12O6 and KNO3 rockets?
24-9-2018 at 10:33
by: Dragonjack12
Element extraction of LiPo batteries with HCl + H2O2
A trace mettle or the Li displacing the Hydrogen from the HCL
19-9-2018 at 06:22
by: Dragonjack12
Water listed as "Toxic Substance" under US Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976!
Help I think I found dihydrogen monoxide falling from the sky
18-9-2018 at 19:27
by: Dragonjack12
Update: selling equipment and reagents
are you done with cem?
2-7-2018 at 15:57
by: Dragonjack12
Just joined...Saying hello to everybody.
welcome. I agree that it can be very interesting just to learn the formulas and what happens when th ...
14-6-2018 at 07:17
by: Dragonjack12
EPP 15% Sulphuric acid !
Wow i live in amarica anx im triggered.
Im just wondering when acids are going to be baned hear. I ...
28-5-2018 at 16:32
by: Dragonjack12

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