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Crystallisation - truly a dark art
Bumping this topic in order to avoid posting similar threads.
First, just wanted to point out that ...
28-2-2021 at 14:18
by: Eddygp
Crystallisation - truly a dark art
Often described as unpredictable, mysterious, based on luck, esoteric practices and with many people ...
20-11-2020 at 02:42
by: Eddygp
Preparation of Red Selenium Gone Wrong
Hi, it worked more or less once I refluxed it in aqua regia (with appropriate precautions, worry not ...
21-10-2020 at 21:42
by: Eddygp
Preparation of Red Selenium Gone Wrong
Hi guys, how did you get the grey Se beads to dissolve in HNO3/aqua regia? Mine seem to stubbornly s ...
21-10-2020 at 01:51
by: Eddygp
crystal structure prediction of organic chemicals
I am, U2U
17-5-2019 at 16:40
by: Eddygp
Making kcn from koh, formic acid and nh4cl!
How do you suggest that formamide --> cyanide would happen?
It already seems unlikely to obtain ...
8-4-2019 at 09:44
by: Eddygp
Astatine probable vapor colour
[rquote=562539&tid=112065&author=12thealchemist]Would it be possible to calculate the approx ...
14-12-2018 at 03:18
by: Eddygp
Preparation of alkali metals via the catalysed magnesium reduction process
As already discussed in the thread for the Acta Chemica Libera journal, I agree with 12thealchemist ...
19-11-2018 at 04:47
by: Eddygp
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
Cracking some dicyclopentadiene from a very old bottle... it decided to stop halfway through so who ...
5-10-2018 at 15:57
by: Eddygp
Liquid Lewis acids
I'm thinking some kind of trialkylborane might work? Alternatively there might be a way to synthesis ...
23-9-2018 at 03:46
by: Eddygp
Prepublication section, why not make a amateur-scientific journal ?

This SM journal stands or falls with the use of r ...
8-6-2018 at 15:21
by: Eddygp
Decarboxylation of threonine or isoleucine for potentially useful solvent
First, this out of the way: why threonine?
1) two chiral centres of which one will be preserved.
2 ...
20-5-2018 at 07:28
by: Eddygp
Separation of Nitroethane from Methoxy-2-propanol
Purely unsubstantiated idea, but would coordination to Zn work? I can imagine anhydrous ZnCl2 coordi ...
29-4-2018 at 11:22
by: Eddygp
Synthesis of phenol from benzene
OK firstly disregard any possibility of SN2-like reactions. Only a SNAr would work and even then, yo ...
27-4-2018 at 15:58
by: Eddygp
Interesting primary amide to nitrile conversion
[url= ...
31-3-2018 at 05:38
by: Eddygp
Antimony toxicity?
Naples yellow contains antimony and has been used as a pigment but mostly in pre-20th century applic ...
10-3-2018 at 18:09
by: Eddygp
Is sodium acetate hygroscopic?
Not only is it hygroscopic; it is deliquescent. This means it will absorb so much water vapour from ...
3-3-2018 at 17:48
by: Eddygp
Synthesis of a biologically active compound
Congratulations, this is very impressive! Just wondering, do the Cl and Br in the last Suzuki coupli ...
30-7-2017 at 01:20
by: Eddygp
Is it possible to make this?
Conjugate addition should be easy, because RSH are soft nucleophiles. The ROH will need protection, ...
20-7-2017 at 03:26
by: Eddygp
Synthesis of a biologically active compound
It's not an opioid or, if it was, it would be entirely unexpected.
I based this molecule (very loos ...
18-7-2017 at 23:11
by: Eddygp
Synthesis of a biologically active compound
As you can see in the attached image, the molecule is rather big.
I have been modelling molecules t ...
18-7-2017 at 00:12
by: Eddygp
Dimethylamine storage
Maybe dimethylammonium tetrafluoroborate, as long as you have access to it? In principle, any of its ...
16-7-2017 at 13:48
by: Eddygp
Cu(II) coordinated with Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Can hypochlorite oxidise Cu to CuO? If so, it could be a black suspension too.
As for the blue flak ...
8-7-2017 at 07:24
by: Eddygp
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Can anyone point me in the direction to find some literature about glutamate dehydrogenase inhibitor ...
31-5-2017 at 07:44
by: Eddygp
Solute for Metal oxides
Molecular or not, the thing is, except for osmium tetroxide, there is no single molecule of "Fe2O3", ...
23-5-2017 at 02:50
by: Eddygp
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