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Drying Chems without desiccator
[rquote=656110&tid=155802&author=Fery]My second idea was drying NH4NO3 and then recrystalliz ...
24-7-2021 at 05:37
by: Fery
Cheap 97% sulfuric acid and 35% hydrogen peroxide [from EU]
The restriction is to prevent to make explosives. You are not going to make them, are you? Maybe EU ...
13-7-2021 at 12:03
by: Fery
azobenzene by reduction of nitrobenzene with Mg in methanol
Azobenzene is quite interesting compound, especially its cis-trans isomerization.

I followed this ...
11-7-2021 at 11:26
by: Fery
mononitrotoluenes (nitration of toluene)
My friend Bedlasky performed gas chromatography analysis and the result is not good. But first good ...
10-7-2021 at 09:04
by: Fery
mononitrotoluenes (nitration of toluene)
from the remainder in distillation flask after vacuum distilled out 2-nitrotoluene I obtained 12,0 g ...
6-7-2021 at 07:30
by: Fery
reagents for sale, a lot of indicators
Friend of mine from which I've bought a lot of times asked me to post the list of >200 reagents w ...
30-6-2021 at 02:16
by: Fery
Buying chemicals in Poland "OTC"
TGSpecialist1 thanks for the big list !!!
I recommend chemland, I've bought a lot of glass from thi ...
28-6-2021 at 07:03
by: Fery
XeF2 for making Perbromate
here synthesis of perbromates with more available chemicals (hypobromite + bromate)
they did not se ...
27-6-2021 at 01:43
by: Fery
mononitrotoluenes (nitration of toluene)
Hi Boffis, I didn't. I asked my friend and sc forum member Bedlasky to perform GC, he answered he wo ...
24-6-2021 at 07:34
by: Fery
2-nitrotoluene, vacuum distillation using column
After months I finally had time, energy and mood to separate 2-nitrotoluene.
I repeat - from approx ...
24-6-2021 at 01:51
by: Fery
silver permanganate AgMnO4 - is there any usage for it?
OK paulll, thx, I'll buy it. At worst into a stock so later someone else will find an usage for it.
24-6-2021 at 00:58
by: Fery
silver permanganate AgMnO4 - is there any usage for it?
Do you have any ideas for what to use silver permanganate AgMnO4?
I have plenty of KMnO4 but I have ...
23-6-2021 at 21:33
by: Fery
here a process of separation, there are more compounds in leaves: ...
21-6-2021 at 21:31
by: Fery
Avoiding over nitration (or generally over-electrophilic substitution)
Why don't you start from toluene? You can crystallize part of the p-nitrotoluene at -15 C
Then you ...
20-6-2021 at 21:32
by: Fery
Vicinal dione monoxime in aqueous medium?
[rquote=661829&tid=157608&author=clearly_not_atara]Also, if you are using a strongly acidic ...
18-6-2021 at 01:58
by: Fery
how to ship metallic mercury
The goal is to supply SM forumers if anyone interested at all. Thank you guys for all ideas of packa ...
16-6-2021 at 12:35
by: Fery
how to ship metallic mercury
How to ship metallic mercury? Is it even possible? It mustn't be shipped via air as it amalgamates a ...
15-6-2021 at 03:44
by: Fery
16 oz of nitroethane. Buy or nah?
chemist1243 - yes, nitroethane has nice fruity scent
here an useful thread concerning acetone - nit ...
10-6-2021 at 11:43
by: Fery
I repeat that the mixture of mononitrotoluenes was previously vacuum distilled (2-stage oil rotary p ...
7-6-2021 at 02:47
by: Fery
Sodium borohydride and Sodium azide for sale
[rquote=658139&tid=157282&author=Chemcraft]Especially for EU customers who buy more than 2 k ...
7-6-2021 at 02:08
by: Fery
Fractionnal distillation temperature ranges
Ethyl acetate is maybe the less yielding synthesis from all possible esters. Due to azeotrope format ...
4-6-2021 at 10:44
by: Fery
Benzil dioxime
Does benzil dioxime have any advantage than more common dimethylglyoxime?
Here they claim 3 forms ( ...
28-5-2021 at 23:48
by: Fery
worst stench
Recently I received a parcel by PPL courier and they behaved very rude to the parcel because 500 ml ...
28-5-2021 at 23:18
by: Fery
First o-toluidine synthesis - running into some issues with the reaction mixture
see this, in the reduction of aromatic -NO2 to -NH2 using Fe+HCl the HCl seems to be there only as a ...
24-5-2021 at 03:36
by: Fery
Where to buy a cheap & good RBF newware 29-32 or + 10 L EU
Recently I distilled using stainless steel apparatus (20 L pot) and only final column distillation ...
17-5-2021 at 22:08
by: Fery
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