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Desiccator Bag for Drying Liquid Chemicals
So I was boiling sulfuric acid in aluminum soda can today and everything went well actually until it ...
17-4-2021 at 06:16
by: Fluorite
Attempt to make molten lead from oxalate
Lead formate? Copper and silver formates decomposes to the pure metal right? Can this work with lead ...
22-2-2021 at 13:49
by: Fluorite
Elemental iodine from KI and chlorine?
Stupid interhalogens :mad:
I tried making iodine from sodium iodide hcl and tcca but the iodine red ...
19-2-2021 at 13:52
by: Fluorite
Recovery of Pb and NaOH from Sodium Plumbite
Lead should behave similarly to zinc in sodium zincate solution and can be electrolysed to Zn and so ...
18-2-2021 at 14:01
by: Fluorite
Preparation of Phosphoric Acid (from calcium phosphate)
Aaeemmm any ideas if sodium bisulfate can be used instead? The reaction should produce calcium sulfa ...
16-2-2021 at 17:23
by: Fluorite
Does evaporation release ions into the air?
I love these kinds of questions :)
7-2-2021 at 03:58
by: Fluorite
Dry Nitric acid
Sodium pyrosulfate? Can I use it to dry nitric acid?
4-2-2021 at 13:32
by: Fluorite
90 - 99% nitric acid using dichloromethane
Anyone tried this method? I distilled DCM using my diy pvc distillation setup I know I can't use it ...
3-2-2021 at 14:10
by: Fluorite
filtering ammonia gas
I tried the same reaction again and used cotton to filter water vapors and ammonia but I still get a ...
31-1-2021 at 14:17
by: Fluorite
filtering ammonia gas
Also! I added some NaOH to the calcium nitrate to remove any traces of Ammonium carbonate but the ca ...
30-1-2021 at 14:48
by: Fluorite
filtering ammonia gas
Can someone please tell me why tf when I bubble ammonia I get always a turbid solution!? I used a Po ...
30-1-2021 at 14:45
by: Fluorite
How toxic is H2S?
I've never smelled rotten eggs when working with H2S! The smell is disgusting but like lemons IMO :3 ...
27-1-2021 at 22:45
by: Fluorite
anyway to recover and purify the zinc from old batteries?
Sorry for being stupid but. Can I use battery zinc to make dimethyl zinc? If it claims 0% cadmium &a ...
26-1-2021 at 12:33
by: Fluorite
Safely disposing or recycling of Lipo batteries. Is this method ok?
Oh I opened many LG & apple phone batteries before and dissolved them in hcl! Thank God I didn't ...
25-1-2021 at 18:47
by: Fluorite
The POTENCY of carcinogens.
Can someone tell me what's the safest way to concentrate 4L sodium chromate? Made by reacting stainl ...
24-1-2021 at 15:10
by: Fluorite
elements that burn in nitrogen?
Mmmmmm Heating vanadium in nitrogen atmosphere!
2V + N₂ → 2VN 700 °C
Vanadium nitride is c ...
16-1-2021 at 15:42
by: Fluorite
filtering ammonia gas
i guess ill buy a pressure cooker and boil the solution till dryness
does hydrogen sulfide stay or ...
15-1-2021 at 08:48
by: Fluorite
filtering ammonia gas
I did something really stupid two months ago, I mixed calcium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate ...
13-1-2021 at 15:16
by: Fluorite
Most expensive mistakes you've made?
Adding lots of water to my ammonium nitrate calcium hydroxide mixture >.<
I need a pressure c ...
11-1-2021 at 17:17
by: Fluorite
How to get Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Butanone) in California or suitable alternative?
If i bubble methyl chloride through acetone would i produce MEK?
I know methyl chloride react with ...
9-1-2021 at 15:41
by: Fluorite
Double displacement reaction
Wait can you burn caesium Nitrate with sugar? You'll get caesium carbonate
9-1-2021 at 09:01
by: Fluorite
A Chat Room for Sciencemadness?
[rquote=305736&tid=11158&author=Praxichys]Anonymity be damned! I have nothing to hide. I thi ...
8-1-2021 at 07:30
by: Fluorite
A Chat Room for Sciencemadness?
Please guys I know I'm too late but can someone add me? I'd really appreciate it
8-1-2021 at 07:20
by: Fluorite
Disposal of copper acetate
add sulfuric acid and distill acetic acid like nurdrage did with copper nitrate
8-1-2021 at 04:26
by: Fluorite
Any place to get granular purified silicone dioxide for chemistry applications?
If you bubble carbon dioxide through sodium silicate you'll get silicon dioxide

[Edited on 6-1-20 ...
5-1-2021 at 17:15
by: Fluorite
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