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How do i get tricalcium phophate out of my flask?
Thanks for the help!:D

[Edited on 21-8-2016 by IceDahl]
21-8-2016 at 10:44
by: IceDahl
How do i get tricalcium phophate out of my flask?
The title says it all.
I have just distilled some nitric acid from phosphoric acid and calcium nit ...
21-8-2016 at 07:30
by: IceDahl
You should check this thread out:
2-6-2016 at 10:38
by: IceDahl
Interesting test of how well you know your labware
I got 66%.

One thing that is find strange is that when i only clicked the top answer i got 33%:P ...
30-5-2016 at 06:34
by: IceDahl
Seperate Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Carbonate
Today i bought some Sodium Hydroxide drain cleaner and thought it was only sodium hydroxide, but as ...
12-5-2016 at 09:01
by: IceDahl
Science equipment looking for a home
Do you think you will ever get a Heating mantel 500ml?
1-5-2016 at 10:31
by: IceDahl
Sodium Hydroxide reduction
NightHawkInLight has some great videos about isolating potassium and sodium metal:

https://www.y ...
25-4-2016 at 00:47
by: IceDahl
Methanol from distillation of wood
I am not really sure what the side products are, but one of the best ways to separate the methanol f ...
13-4-2016 at 04:32
by: IceDahl
Calcium Nitrate
I found something that I find quite strange. Calcium nitrate is rated "3" on the Instability/reactiv ...
8-4-2016 at 09:31
by: IceDahl
Does anyone know where to find sulfur? I live in Norway so and can't find it anywhere. I have tried ...
28-3-2016 at 02:44
by: IceDahl
Flash powder gas?
If you can find a cheap coffee grinder you can but some foil in there an hope for the best.
27-3-2016 at 12:41
by: IceDahl
Flash powder gas?
Sandpaper on Aluminium.
27-3-2016 at 11:45
by: IceDahl
Clarification: Differences between Moderators and Administrators
What is the difference between moderator and super moderator? And administrator and super administra ...
25-3-2016 at 12:00
by: IceDahl
Copper and Ammonia
Is it possible to dissolve copper or at least copper compounds in ammonia. What would i get if i dis ...
6-3-2016 at 05:56
by: IceDahl

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