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Synthesis checks for HMTD
[url=]The Sciencema ...
26-9-2020 at 21:32
by: Joeychemist
Rosco Bodine has been banned
While I do miss the exciting and experimentally fruitful days of the early 2000's (ref; Mr. Anonymo ...
22-6-2020 at 19:20
by: Joeychemist
Goodbye to S2− in aqueous solution

New Raman spectra of Na2S dissolved in hyper-concentrated NaOH(aq) and CsOH(aq) cast ser ...
20-3-2018 at 14:14
by: Joeychemist
Short question / quick answer - Thread
The salt of 3,4-Diaminofurazan with perchloric acid will have a (3-aminofurazanyl)ammonium plerchlor ...
25-4-2016 at 10:57
by: Joeychemist
RogueSci is Dead

I am The_Duke...

As some of you may have noticed I have reappeared after a near 6 year gap in ...
21-10-2015 at 15:16
by: Joeychemist
ETN success
The idea of using urea as a stabilizing agent has been well documented, Urea reacts with nitrous aci ...
12-10-2015 at 15:05
by: Joeychemist
American Experience: The Poisoner's Handbook

[Edited on ...
8-10-2015 at 13:42
by: Joeychemist
RDX synthesis
I don't beleive it has and if you are going to go through the trouble of getting the first one you m ...
28-9-2015 at 14:59
by: Joeychemist
Urea Ban?
It is possible to compress an explosive beyond a point of sensitivity, crushing crystal structure or ...
19-9-2015 at 12:12
by: Joeychemist
Urea Ban?
It is still going to need to be properly prepared ...
19-9-2015 at 11:24
by: Joeychemist
Unconventional Shaped Charges
Right, copper is attacked by O2 and CO2 and atmospheric moisture.

2 Cu (s) + O2+ H2O (g) + CO2 = ...
16-9-2015 at 20:35
by: Joeychemist
What is this whole "nitration" thingy about?!
[rquote=419494&tid=949&author=arthur2647]well i did some reading, but my hope of coming here ...
15-9-2015 at 15:41
by: Joeychemist
Restoring Forum Images
[rquote=418479&tid=62440&author=Rosco Bodine]
Come on back, Engager :D[/rquote]

I was l ...
15-9-2015 at 11:30
by: Joeychemist
I will never forgive the utter BS of his treatment of ...
13-9-2015 at 11:43
by: Joeychemist
Unconventional Shaped Charges
[rquote=419128&tid=10575&author=nux vomica]Precision vs. non precision bit of a hard one[/rq ...
13-9-2015 at 11:07
by: Joeychemist
al/hg and foil thickness
The trick to using thinner Al foil is balling the foil squares up good and using good cooling.
28-11-2007 at 00:29
by: Joeychemist
Nitroguanidine from Sulphamic acid and Urea
Will this be made into a .pdf like the others anytime soon? It's been a few months...

Nice work b ...
26-10-2007 at 04:14
by: Joeychemist
Energetic Materials Sensitivity
That site doesn't even give refs for who or where those figures came from and besides look at some o ...
5-5-2007 at 00:33
by: Joeychemist
methyl nitrate
27-4-2007 at 12:50
by: Joeychemist
...and the second
27-3-2007 at 01:48
by: Joeychemist
heres one...
27-3-2007 at 01:45
by: Joeychemist
Citric acid combines with the Ammonia liberated during the rxn which pushes the equilibrium to the r ...
12-2-2007 at 19:31
by: Joeychemist
Benzaldehyde- 2,4-disulfonic acid
It can be prepared by the oxidation of toluene-2,4-disulfonic acid using a manganese salt or by reac ...
13-11-2006 at 01:30
by: Joeychemist
Help... I have problem
Wow, and interesting homework question, for once…

To give you a hint;

Your end product will ...
31-5-2006 at 02:23
by: Joeychemist
Unconventional Shaped Charges
I'm looking for literature pertaining to kinetic energy of jet impact vs. work of plastic deformatio ...
24-5-2006 at 15:50
by: Joeychemist
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