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Acetylating mandelonitrile?
You mean shurely, if it suiteable for some like acetylated syntheses.

But how prepared the diamin ...
4-6-2006 at 09:08
by: Madandcrazy
Nice idea hexanitrobenzene by TNT, but how prepared PNT (pentanitrotoluene) and how oxidized/substit ...
2-6-2006 at 10:15
by: Madandcrazy
Guanadine nitrate, etc
Surely a good idea, guanidine azide by the way of guanidine nitrate. But the problem are certainly w ...
2-6-2006 at 09:34
by: Madandcrazy
Some errors
I belive, a quite setting of the forums software is, post can edited two days only, some spelling mi ...
30-5-2006 at 08:32
by: Madandcrazy
Guanadine nitrate, etc
Interested thread, also for some suggestions about
some amines (=NH2, ...) with the double binding ...
30-5-2006 at 08:03
by: Madandcrazy
I my mind, the range and price is determining for any oder ;) .

I don`t guessing some sites are c ...
27-5-2006 at 09:28
by: Madandcrazy
I don`t understand your reply.

I mean only someting to possibilityes to a cycloaddition, possiply ...
25-5-2006 at 10:43
by: Madandcrazy
Merck index
I don`t spreading madness all over the board, dude.

I mean,
can 1,4-cyclohexanedion prepared whe ...
23-5-2006 at 08:11
by: Madandcrazy
Merck index
I mean, what is the hydroquinone ?

Shurely not benzoquinone (1,4-benzenedion).

Is i ...
20-5-2006 at 08:41
by: Madandcrazy
I know chloroamin is soluble in H2O.

Eventually it is suitable for substitution or a further synt ...
19-5-2006 at 07:59
by: Madandcrazy
How synthesized a caboxylicacid ?
Why not any double bindings ?

Maybe by the carboxylic acid the -CBr=O group ;) can be synthesized ...
19-5-2006 at 07:41
by: Madandcrazy
Oxidizing amines?
Something to my last replay. :(
Is it maybe possible oxidizing a amin in a aromatic ring with perch ...
16-5-2006 at 07:57
by: Madandcrazy
Merck index
What you say to this.

Searching index for hydroquinone.
This sould be
and not
C6H6( ...
16-5-2006 at 07:33
by: Madandcrazy
How synthesized a caboxylicacid ?
Thanks for the reply.

i mean when for instance a carboxylic acid is brominated,
where the bromin ...
16-5-2006 at 07:18
by: Madandcrazy
How synthesized a caboxylicacid ?
I searching in the forums, but i could not found some entry to this theme.
I think it is interested ...
14-5-2006 at 08:22
by: Madandcrazy
Merck index
I told your opinion,
browsing the web for the Merck index.
I had read the index attentive and foun ...
10-5-2006 at 08:27
by: Madandcrazy
Is trioxane not a interested solvent for any reactions and
can paraldehyde prepared from trioxane b ...
6-5-2006 at 08:47
by: Madandcrazy
Oxidizing amines?
Surely a couple of amines can oxidized when it is the correct
oxidizer/solvent to the reaction and ...
6-5-2006 at 08:17
by: Madandcrazy
Unable to login yesterday!
I had similar problems at my last login pommie. :(

After correct login, logout scrip was displaye ...
3-5-2006 at 08:54
by: Madandcrazy
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Can phosphorus not isolated by a isomer of phosphoric acid (hydrolysis) to the oxide ;) ?
Maybe nat ...
3-5-2006 at 07:53
by: Madandcrazy
Reduction of Phosphate Esters
Maybe interested to this topic,
some phosphine chemicals are liquids and can be use for any
synthe ...
3-5-2006 at 07:32
by: Madandcrazy
Chloromethylation vs. formylation
maybe bromomethylation is better to handle and have the same ;) effect and have perhabs ...
23-4-2006 at 08:13
by: Madandcrazy
Hydrofluoric Acid experiments
Eventually a good method beside the acid method ;) is when a NaF/H2O mix is in a big glas beaker tre ...
19-4-2006 at 08:18
by: Madandcrazy
Is acetylene gas not expedient when acethaldehyde should be prepared, gas is passed with water steam ...
19-4-2006 at 07:52
by: Madandcrazy
Question about the tert-group
I have some questions about the tert-group in chemicals
and i had read some chemicals are suiteable ...
15-4-2006 at 08:38
by: Madandcrazy
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